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KyoTomorrow Academy

Business summary

 University Consortium Kyoto has been selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s “Enhancement of environment for accepting international students, such as housing environment and employment support,” which will be implemented from 2015. From the perspective of supporting the internationalization of companies, we have launched the “KyoTomorrow Academy”, a community for employment support and exchange that provides international students with the process of “learning about Kyoto, gaining a deep understanding of local industries, and aiming for local companies.”

“KyoTomorrow Academy”, a job support and exchange community, is mainly engaged in the following three initiatives.

(1) Building a model to support international students in finding employment in Kyoto and promoting their retention
 Visiting companies in Kyoto/Various seminars/lectures/Management of the job hunting support group “Job Hunting Team”

(2) In cooperation with Japanese language schools, etc., we will work on developing programs that provide Japanese language support necessary for job hunting, and
 support the smooth job hunting of international students.

③ Develop a wide range of initiatives to attract and support international students, such as disseminating information for overseas from the perspective of students
 Posting magazines on the Kyoto study abroad portal site, posting on SNS, etc.

For details of programs and activities, please visit the official website below

KyoTomorrow Academy


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