Working Student Aid Association (Secretariat Management)

About the Working Student Aid Association

The University Consortium Kyoto operates the secretariat of the Working Student Support Association.
The origins of the Working Student Aid Association date back to the 30th year of the Showa era, but in order to help struggling students who were having trouble with the train fare to go to their part-time jobs and did not have enough money for meals that day, the “Mutual Assistance Box” was born with the help of Mr. Shinichiro Yamazaki, the director of Toei’s Kyoto Studio at the time. Subsequently, this achievement became a catalyst, and the Yamazaki Prize, the Mima Prize, and the Yamashita Scholarship were born one after another, and the “Kyoto Momoyama Lions Club Award” and the “Soroptimist International Kyoto Prize” were added to it. Every year, awards and scholarships are given to working students, and they are the most encouraging source of encouragement for struggling students.
Subsequently, in the 52nd year of the Showa era, a large amount of money was deposited by Dr. Ko Hirasawa, the first president of the Society, and the “Hirasawa Scholarship” was established, and then a large amount of funds were deposited by the bereaved family of the 4th president Dr. Toshima Araki in the 53rd year of the Showa era, and this was established as the “Araki Scholarship” from the 53rd year of the Showa era. In addition, in January of Showa 55, the 5th President, Dr. Yuken Kashiwa, and Mrs. Toshie, Mrs. Toshie, have always had a deep understanding of working students and have deposited a large amount of funds, so the “Kashiwa Scholarship” was established from the 54th year of Showa. In the 60th year of the Showa era, Mr. Yukio Ueno, a former award-winning student, established the “Ueno Scholarship” with funds deposited as a token of gratitude at that time. From the 63rd year of the Showa era, we established the “Sugawara Scholarship” by making use of the will of Mr. Sugawara Shoji, a philanthropist who was deeply enamored with this project and deposited the fund. From the 2nd academic year, the “Kyoto Venture Club Scholarship” was established as a fund to encourage female students who groan between their aspirations to go to school and poverty, and from the 3rd academic year, the “Rotary Club of Kyoto Nishi Scholarship” was established in memory of the late Shinichiro Yamazaki, who was a member of the club. From the 7th academic year, a large amount of funds were contributed by the bereaved family of Mr. Shinzo Hirai, the former director of the Kyoto Student Counseling Center, and this was established as the “Hirai Scholarship”, and in the 13th academic year, a large amount of funds was deposited by the 6th president, Dr. Yoshinori Matsuyama, and this was established as the “Matsuyama Scholarship”. In addition, based on the warm kindness of many people, we have established the Working Student Assistance Association Fund, and have produced many scholarship students through the investment profits, donations, and membership fees of the fund that supports this project.


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