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Designated Survey Projects

Overview of the business

 University Consortium Kyoto (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") Since its establishment in 1994, member universities and junior colleges (hereinafter referred to as "member schools") have been established. In cooperation with local governments, economic organizations, and other organizations in the Kyoto area, we have been working on a variety of advanced and challenging projects ahead of consortium organizations nationwide.
On the other hand, a quarter of a century has passed since the foundation was established, and due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection that spread in early 2020, the social and higher education situation surrounding the foundation and its member schools has changed dramatically.
In light of this situation, the Foundation has outsourced research that contributes to solving project issues to faculty and staff of member schools who specialize in the relevant field in the "Designated Survey Tasks" that began in fiscal 2015, and uses the results to review, improve, develop new projects, and enhance them.

Year No Selected Research Projects
2015 1 Theme Survey on Japan of International Students and Obstacles to Employment in the Kyoto Area
Principal Investigator Professor, Faculty of Law, Kyoto Sangyo University Masanori Nakatani
2 Theme Questionnaire survey on internship graduates
Principal Investigator Professor, Faculty of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University Ritsuko Kawamura
2016 1 Theme Establishment of a Cooperative Organization for the Support Office of Students with Disabilities in the Establishment of a DB of Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodation for the
Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities at Universities
Principal Investigator Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University Satoshi Yoshida
2017 1 Theme Empirical Research
on the Significance and Effects of Academic Exchange: Toward the Proposal of a Place for Academic Exchange that Makes Use of the Appeal of "Kyoto as a City of Universities and Kyoto as a City of Students"
Principal Investigator Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Ryukoku University Yoshie Inoue
2019 1 Theme Recurrent Education in Kyoto and Promotion of Initiatives at Member Schools and Foundations
Principal Investigator Kyoto Women's University Vice President / Director of the Center for Regional Cooperation Eiko Takeyasu
2 Theme Survey of the growth of graduates and participants of various SD training programs and how systematic SD training should be conducted in the future
Principal Investigator Kyoto Bunkyo University Educational Planning Division Director Takamichi Murayama
2020 1 Theme New Development
of the Kyoto Brand in Attracting International Students ~Development of Model Cases Based on University Consortium Kyoto~
Principal Investigator Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Economics Office Noritaka Hashimoto
2 Theme Social Network Analysis of Role Structure of Kyoto Member Universities in Regional Networks
Principal Investigator Professor, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Kyoto Sangyo University Jun Kanemitsu
2021 1 Theme Re-Exploring the Core Values of Kyoto, a University Town:
Pioneering a Credit-Transferable Future
Principal Investigator Ritsumeikan University Institute for the Promotion of General Education / Professor Hironori Yamaguchi
2022 1 Theme Research on the Role of
Inter-University Collaborative Organizations in Supporting Students with Disabilities at Universities
Principal Investigator Kyoto University Student Services Organization (DRC)
Associate Professor Jun Murata
2 Theme A Study on the Actual Situation of Long-Term Community Collaboration Activities by University Students and Local Organizations in Kyoto City and How to Support Them
Principal Investigator Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration, Kyoto Tachibana University Masayuki Ota

*The affiliation and position titles of the principal investigator are those at the time of adoption.

About recruitment for 2023

 In fiscal 2023, we will not call for designated survey issues because it is the time to consider the direction and specific contents of the next medium-term plan (FY2024-2028) based on the issues and results of each business based on the current medium-term plan (FY2019-FY2023).

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