FY2016 Designated Survey Projects

In fiscal 2016, we set the following designated survey themes and conducted survey research.

Theme Establishment of a Cooperative Organization for the Support Office of Students with Disabilities in the Establishment of a DB of Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodation for the
Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities at Universities
researcher Satoshi Yoshida (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University) (Principal Investigator) Chika Sekine (Professor, Graduate School of Policy Management and Science, Doshisha University) Miho Iwakuma (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University) Emiko Tsuchihashi (Coordinator, Student Support Center, Doshisha University) Jun Murata (Assistant Professor, Student Support Center, Kyoto University)

Tomohiro Inoue ( Kyoto Sangyo University Faculty of Science Office) Hidetsugu Yamamoto (NPO i-Collaboration)

Background and Purpose of the Research  In response to the enforcement of the Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities in 2016, universities have urgently needed to identify and improve the physical environment on campus and improve the software and service environment that supports education and research, starting with the establishment of a support coordinator for students with disabilities. In addition, the forms of support such as reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities vary widely, and the individual knowledge and know-how of the staff in charge who responded to the support are not shared, and depending on the employment status of the staff, they remain buried and are not shared both inside and outside the university.
By constructing a database that covers the knowledge of each university's efforts, the progress of efforts to eliminate discrimination against persons with disabilities at universities will increase significantly with the enactment of the "Act on Promotion of Elimination of Discrimination on the Grounds of Disability" in FY2016, bringing it to the level of or exceeding that of developed countries of UD, and further creating new initiatives to eliminate discrimination against persons with disabilities. The purpose is to present the possibility of projects centered on the University Consortium Kyoto. In particular, the purpose of this program is to "visualize" the tacit knowledge and skills of faculty and staff in charge, such as know-how for constructive dialogue and consensus building with related faculty members, methods of enlightenment and information dissemination, accumulated by the support coordinators for students with disabilities at each university in the course of their practice, and to present guidelines that can be shared with university staff who have not sufficiently established an organization to support students with disabilities on campus.
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