FY2017 Designated Survey Topics

In fiscal 2017, we set the following designated survey themes and conducted survey research.

Theme Empirical Research
on the Significance and Effects of Academic Exchange: Toward the Proposal of a Place for Academic Exchange that Makes the Most of the Appeal of "Kyoto as a City of Universities and Kyoto as a City of Students"
researcher Yoshie Inoue (Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Ryukoku University) (Principal Investigator) Hiroki Shino (Professor, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Kyoto Sangyo University) Kiyohide Yamatani (Research Associate, Faculty of Policy Studies, Doshisha University) Tomomi Kubo (Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Regional Public Talent and Policy Development, Ryukoku University)

Background and Purpose of the Research  The University Consortium Kyoto holds the Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto (hereinafter referred to as the Policy Research Exchange Conference) as a place for academic exchange among universities in Kyoto Prefecture, and 2016 marked the 12th time. Currently, the emphasis is on "presentations" and academic "exchanges" beyond the boundaries of universities. In addition, since the majority of the participants are university faculty and university students, there is a lack of perspective such as "how the local community received the results of the research." Questionnaires have also been conducted for participants, but many of the questions are general and highly abstract, and they are not designed to extract points for improvement to promote academic exchange.
Therefore, we are aware of the issues of (1) the lack of "exchange" and "on-siteness" at the Policy Research Exchange Conference and (2) the necessity of conducting a questionnaire survey focusing on academic exchange, and we will conduct this survey and research with the aim of solving these two issues.
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