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Overview of the business

In response to the need to develop career education and vocational education that aims for social and occupational independence through elementary and secondary education to higher education, the Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council has been working since 2012 with the aim of motivating high school students to learn for the future and contributing to the promotion of career education at each school. Career Education" project has been launched.

High School and University Collaboration Future Session

With the aim of promoting the career development of high school and university students, this program transcends generations such as high school students, university students, and working adults, as well as between schools, to engage in dialogue and exchange on set themes.
From the 2020 academic year, an executive committee made up of high school and university students from Kyoto Prefecture will take the lead in planning and operation, and will create the program for the day.

Outline of the event

A future where children can live like children!
~Thinking about the future of Japan from the perspective of the Young Carer problem~

2022 High School and University Collaboration Future Session

In recent years, with the declining birthrate and aging population and the increase in single-parent families, the existence of young carers has been attracting attention. Although they are still students, their career paths are restricted and they are unable to concentrate on their studies. In addition, they are forced to bear the burden of nursing care while interfering with friendships and damaging their own health.
In light of the current situation of young carers, this Future Session will invite young carers as guests, and high school and university students will learn about the actual situation of young carers and think about what kind of support they are seeking and what we can do to address it.
Let's take this opportunity to realize that young carers are not a stranger to us, and that we may create such a condition ourselves in the future, and let's think together about what we can do when we become a party to it. * 2022 High School University Collaboration Future Session Information Flyer [Download]

On Thursday, November 3, 2022 13:00~16:30 (Reception 12:30~)
Place Hybrid Venue: Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Hall
Online: Zoom Meeting * Changed to venue only
Theme A future where children can live like children!
~Thinking about the future of Japan from the perspective of the Young Carer problem~
guest Yukari Nishikawa, Kayo Morita, Hazuki
Yamanaka (NPO Fusen no Kai Secretariat)
Coordinator Akinori Inui (Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kyoto Tachibana University) Hideki Sugioka (Associate Professor, Faculty of Regional Management, Fukuchiyama Public University)
observer Tetsuhide Shino (Former Professor, Faculty of Letters, Ryukoku University / Former Principal, Kyoto Prefectural Momoyama High School)
Program 13:00~13:20 Opening Remarks 13
:20~13:40 Icebreaker
13:40~14:20 Guest Lecture
14:20〜14:30 Break 14:30~15:10 Dialogue (1) 15:10~15:20 Break

15:20~15:55 Dialogue (2)

15:55~16:15 Share
with the whole group 16:15~16:25 Critique
16:25~16:30 Closing
Remarks *Some contents are subject to change depending on the number of applicants.

Target High school and university students attending high schools and universities (including technical colleges) in Kyoto Prefecture
Capacity About 40 people (20 high school students, 20 university students) * On the day of the event, 12 executive committee members (5 high school students and 7 university students)
will also participate.
Hosted Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council (Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education/Kyoto City Board of Education/Kyoto Prefectural Federation of Private Junior and Senior High Schools/Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry/University Consortium Kyoto)
Co sponsored by High School Consortium Kyoto
Planning & Operation 2022 High School University Collaboration Future Session Executive Committee
(Kyoto Prefectural Kyoto Subaru High School, Kyoto Prefectural Toba High School, Kyoto University of Advanced Science Senior High School, Fukuchiyama Public University, Kyoto Women's University, Kyoto Tachibana University, Ryukoku University)
Applications for this year's executive committee members have been closed.


NPO Fusen no Kai Secretariat NPO Fusen no Kai Secretariat ・Yukari Nishikawa ・Kayo Morita ・Hazuki Yamanaka The Fusen-no-kai is an organization formed by (former) young carers and professionals related to young carers. With the aim of appealing our existence to society, we hold events such as "Tsudoi" and "Online Salon". (Reference) Fusen-no-kai website:

■Precautions (please be sure to check)

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the event may be held online only. Please note.
Please note the following points when participating at the venue.
(1) Be sure to wear a mask and disinfect your hands with the disinfectant installed at the venue.
(2) If you have symptoms such as fever (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, etc.), please refrain from visiting the venue.
(3) Please bring a handkerchief or hand towel, and wipe your hands thoroughly after washing your hands.
(4) At the venue, staff will check body temperature when entering the room and ventilate regularly. Please note.
If you participate online, we will separately guide you on how to participate in Zoom.

How to apply

Please click the "Application" button below, fill in the necessary information, and apply.
* For high school applicants, we ask for the name and contact information of the person in charge of your high school.

Sign Up

* After applying, the secretariat will send you an email confirming the completion of your application.
If you do not receive the email after 2~3 days, please contact us at the following address.

Deadline for application

Thursday, October 20, 2022 Friday, October 28, 2022 *Extended  

Implementation Report

On Thursday, November 3, we held the 2022 High School and University Collaboration Future Session. Initially, we planned to hold a hybrid format of face-to-face and online, but we changed the event to face-to-face only, and a total of 30 high school and university students (11 of whom were executive committee members) gathered at the venue.
As in the previous fiscal year, the executive committee members, consisting of high school and university students from Kyoto Prefecture who were in charge of planning and operation, moderated the meeting, gave opening and closing remarks, explained the purpose, and also served as facilitators during group work.
This time, three guests from the secretariat of the specified non-profit organization Fusen no Kai gave lectures on the theme of "For a future where children can live like children!~Thinking about the future of Japan from the perspective of the Young Carer Problem~", and participated in icebreakers and group work with participants and executive committee members.
The icebreaker by a mixed group of high school and university students was able to relieve tension among the participants, and in the group work that followed, the newly established research question "What can we do now and in the future to create a society where young carers can choose various options without giving up on their dreams through nursing care?" While incorporating the World Café, we were able to have a lively exchange of opinions and dialogue in a friendly atmosphere from beginning to end.
The participating high school and university students were able to deepen their understanding of young carers and think about what they can do in the future, and interact with students from other schools, students from other universities, and guests who they do not usually meet, making it a meaningful time with many realizations and learnings.
For the executive committee members, this experience gained by working on the preparation and operation of the day from the planning stage was a fulfilling opportunity that led to great personal growth.


Contact information

Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council Secretariat
(University Consortium Kyoto, High School-University Collaborative Project) TEL 075-353-9153 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto
, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto *Reception hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00~17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

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