Outline of the event

The Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council conducts this program with the aim of motivating high school students to learn so that they can move toward the future and contributing to the promotion of career education at each school.

FY2012 (2)

Kyoto Katariba

This program aims to help current university students discuss their current selves and future selves with each high school student, listen to the experiences of university students, draw out the "motivation" in their hearts, and help high school students think about their future.


Project for students in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture "Maruttoku"

This program aims not only to foster an image of going on to higher education but also to provide an opportunity to think about one's future by creating opportunities for high school students in the northern Kyoto Prefecture region, who have fewer opportunities to interact with universities on a daily basis than in the southern region of Kyoto Prefecture, and to hear various experiences and thoughts from university students and working adults in the region.

Saturday, March 9, 2013 10:00~12:00
Kyoto Prefectural Ayabe High School Gymnasium
Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council (Secretariat: University Consortium Kyoto)
Marutto Design (Student Organization)
52 high school students, 18 university students (8 universities)
Career Education Program
for High School Students in the Northern Region of Kyoto Prefecture (1) Icebreaker
(2) Storytelling
from University Students (3) Workshop 1 Triple Interview / Theme "What I Like" (4) Workshop 2 Dialogue / Theme "What I Value"

(5) Today's review

Projects for Female Students

By providing opportunities for high school and university students who are about to make career choices to hear and discuss the reality of diverse career experiences from women who are actually working in society, we recognize the reality that work-life balance is required more than men, and the need to think about career development from a long-term perspective, and to establish awareness of career paths, and to raise awareness of the next generation of professionals, have a work ethic, and a vocational view. This initiative aims to help students choose their future career path.
On the day of the event, 9 working adults, 3 university students, and 11 high school students participated, and after the panel discussion, they were divided into three groups for group discussion. Group discussions were held in 20-minute shifts to allow us to engage and listen to more professionals.

Saturday, February 23, 2013 9:30~11:40
Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Conference Room 1
Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council (Secretariat: University Consortium Kyoto)
11 high school students, 3 university students, 9 working adults
What do we do?! From now on, let's ♪ think together about "Women's work and lifestyle"
(1) Group work of high school and university students (2) Group work
of high school and university students and working adults

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