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"Kyoto City of Universities, City of Students" Official App KYO-DENT

Kyoto students themselves have developed an app for students to help them enjoy a fulfilling student life in Kyoto!
I want to change myself and find something new during my student life in Kyoto. I want to know the world that I don’t know…
KYO-DENT is an app for you, and for students in Kyoto.

▶Click here for the “KYO-DENT” flyer

Download it here!

You can use the Kyoto City Campus Cultural Partners System!


Kyoto City provides students with an environment where they can become familiar with culture and the arts, as well as opportunities to build connections with the local community through participation in cultural and artistic activities, thereby helping students deepen their understanding of culture and the arts. In order to make life more enriching, we have established the “Kyoto City Campus Cultural Partners System” since 2010 .

By presenting your in-app membership card and student ID, you can enjoy various benefits such as admission to Nijo Castle, Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art, and Kyoto City Zoo for 100 yen.

Click here for more information about the Kyoto City Campus Cultural Partners System and target facilities.

What you can do with KYO-DENT

Deliver news for students that will enrich their learning from Kyoto City, University Consortium Kyoto, local companies, and more!

Event Calendar
Event information for students unique to Kyoto will be distributed in calendar format!

Discount information
Information on stores and facilities offering student discounts and other services for students is distributed on the map and by category!

Map function
Introducing spots that are useful for students. Also provides transfer information.

You can earn KYO-GAKU points by using the app, such as reading articles.
The accumulated KYO-GAKU points can be exchanged for points (G points) that can be exchanged for your favorite electronic money!
*KYO-GAKU points: 100 points can be used and exchanged as equivalent to 1 yen.

G point exchange destination: https://www.gpoint.co.jp/pen/

Kyoto Mebae
As you log in to the app and use the app, Kyoto vegetables’ “buds” will grow, and you can earn in-app points by harvesting Kyoto vegetables!


Development status

The “University City Kyoto/Student City Kyoto App” is created by JORDAN Co., Ltd. with the aim of steadily delivering various initiatives and various information for students to realize a student life that can only be experienced in Kyoto. The student development project members and the “Learning and Attractiveness Unique to Kyoto” Council (composed of Kyoto City, University Consortium Kyoto, etc.) began joint development in 2019 with the technical cooperation of .

① Recruitment of student project members

In order to have the developed app used by more students, we have recruited members who can propose app features from a student’s perspective.
Members who are thinking about apps for university students will divide into two teams and create app proposals unique to students studying and living in Kyoto.

※Currently recruiting is not done.

② Student project members kick-off meeting

On July 10, 2019, a kickoff meeting was held by app student development project members.
During development, we publicly solicited student project members to incorporate students’ unique perspectives and ideas. From now on, the 12 students will be divided into two teams and discuss the app’s functions, design, PR methods, etc.
On this day, we held a kickoff meeting where we met for the first time. There are various motivations for participating, such as “I want to use my ideas to create something” and “It seemed fun to do something with students from other universities,” but students come from a variety of departments and years. Members will work together to advance the project.

Scene from the meeting
Scene from the meeting
Scene from the meeting
Scene from the meeting

③ Meeting with student project member Jordan Co., Ltd.

On August 6th, based on the questionnaire responses collected from 340 students, we held a brainstorming session with staff from JORDAN Co., Ltd., our technical partner.

We received an explanation from Jordan about recent trends in apps (what functions, designs, and operability are mainstream, etc.), and we discussed how to improve the calendar function of new apps, how to make My Page easier to use, and how much more information could be enriched. ? How to create a Kyoto-like design? What is the name and icon of the app? Do you use characters? ? There was a lively exchange of opinions.

All-day meetings will be held every week during the summer vacation from August to September to solidify student members’ proposals.
Even after today’s meeting ends, students will continue to have discussions with each other by gathering individually or using apps such as Slack.

Scene from a meeting
Scene from a meeting
Scene from a meeting

④ Student project members pay a courtesy visit to the Mayor of Kyoto City

To celebrate the release of the student app KYO-DENT, student project members paid a courtesy visit to the mayor of Kyoto City.

The student app “KYO-DENT”, which was developed with 11 student project members, will be officially released on March 26, 2020.

On March 24th (Tuesday), student project team members gave a presentation about the app’s features and functions to the Kyoto City Mayor at Kyoto City Hall. The students worked on developing the app with their own hopes: “I want them to fall in love with Kyoto,” “I want them to expand their horizons through a lot of information,” and “I want them to build their university life with friends from various universities.” I explained this to the mayor.

The Mayor of Kyoto City commented, “I’m glad that we’ve created an app that can disseminate information to individual students.Kyoto is a great place where students from various universities can work and learn together.” They expressed their hopes that the spread of this technology will lead to active exchanges and diverse learning opportunities.


For more information on the courtesy visit to the Mayor of Kyoto, please see here!
 ⇒Article  published on the Kyoto Student Public Relations Department website “Kotokare”

⑤ Release

On March 26, 2020, the app was finally completed and distribution started!

app illustration
This is the work of Moeka Yamaguchi, a member of the Kyoto Student Public Relations Department and a student in the Life Creation Course, Department of Product Design, Faculty of Design, Kyoto Seika University. (As of March 2023)

This is the work of Yoka Yoshimoto, a 4th year student majoring in visual design at Kyoto City University of Arts. (As of March 2024)

Contact information

“Improving Learning and Attractiveness Unique to Kyoto” Council Secretariat:
Kyoto City General Planning Bureau, General Policy Office, University Policy Officer / Universities Consortium Kyoto, Research and Public Relations Division
TEL:075-222-3103 / 075-353-9130
FAX:075-222-2902 / 075-353-9101
MAIL:app-admin-ml■consortium.or.jp(Please change ■ to @ before sending)

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