English Proficiency Improvement Seminars

Business Overview

This project was started as part of a project to promote students to study abroad, and to learn the English skills and study methods necessary to obtain the target score on the English language qualification test required when studying abroad.
Every year, we hold a seminar to improve your skills in obtaining scores for the IELTS and TOEFL iBT exams. These two English exams are the global standard for proof of English proficiency and the number of candidates around the world continues to increase.
In order to encourage students who want to study abroad in the near future to improve their English skills, we hold seminars by English experts in each field of study in person or online.
Amid the need for globalization in university learning, we hold seminars in cooperation with the institutions that administer the exams so that students who participate in the seminar can look more at the world and raise their awareness of globalization. The IELTS Skill Improvement Seminar is held not only for students who are members of the University Consortium Kyoto, but also for faculty and staff of member universities to learn more about English education.

For an overview of the IELTS Skills Improvement Seminar, please click here.
Click here for an overview of the TOEFL iBT® Test Skill Improvement Seminar.

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