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Multifaceted City Administration Research Project Utilizing "University Knowledge"

Overview of the business

 A research group consisting of four field-specific units will conduct surveys and analyses from multiple perspectives for two years from 2016 to 2017 on the designated theme "Revitalization of Kyoto Utilizing Culture" to make maximum use of Kyoto's "university knowledge" in Kyoto City's policies and conduct surveys and research aimed at solving municipal issues.
In 2016, a research group was recruited, and a research group led by Professor Naoko Tosa of Kyoto University was selected.

Research Theme

 Designated theme "Revitalization of Kyoto by utilizing culture"

 With the decision to fully relocate the Agency for Cultural Affairs in March this year, Kyoto, which has created a Japan culture for more than 1,000 years, will research methods to revitalize Kyoto based on culture while utilizing Kyoto's strengths such as "university", "tourism", "manufacturing", "Japanese food", and "landscape". 

Field-Specific Themes (Research Perspectives)

(1) Tourism and Culture ~ Culture and Cultural Properties are the Core Contents of Inbound Tourism ~ [Unit 1]

 We will study methods that mutually enhance culture and tourism by protecting and utilizing cultural properties in both hardware and software, promoting traditional culture, and creating new value.

(2) Industry and Culture ~Impactful New Manufacturing through Culture~ [Unit 2]

 In addition to utilizing new cultures that have attracted international attention in recent years, such as content such as videos and animations and the food culture of Japan registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, we will further expand the efforts of traditional industries and manufacturing culture to study the possibility of industrial promotion through culture.

(3) Life and Culture ~Inheritance and Development of the Culture of Japan Life~ [Unit 3]

 We value the culture of Japan living, including food, clothing, and housing, and the spirit of coexistence with the local community and nature behind it, and research methods to disseminate its charm while creating.

(4) Urban development and culture ~ Culture and the arts are catalysts for regional revitalization ~ [Unit 4]

 In urban development and regional revitalization, we will incorporate cultural perspectives, promote further cultural fusion from traditional (classical) culture to contemporary art, and research methods that lead to the creation of new town value.

Research Report

You can view the research report data from here.

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