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Kyoto FDer Juku (FY2011-FY2018)

Overview of the business

As an organizational effort for faculty members to improve and improve the content and methods of classes, the University Consortium Kyoto has been promoting FD activities in the Kyoto area together with member universities since 1995, shortly after its establishment.
Kyoto FDer Juku is a study group mainly for FD committee members and faculty and staff who are in charge of FD affairs at each university and junior college in order to train faculty and staff who will become leaders in FD activities at member schools of the University Consortium Kyoto.

From 2018, "Kyoto FDer Juku" will be held in a different format. Until fiscal 2017, it was held as a medium-sized symposium once a year, but from fiscal 2018, it was reorganized into a small-scale training program held multiple times a year with the aim of providing a program that leads to the development of faculty and staff who will become leaders of FD activities.

The 2nd Kyoto FDer Juku has expanded the scope of participation to non-member schools and extended the application period.

Outline of the event

University / junior college faculty / FD staff
(non-member schools can also participate)
Attendance fee
20 (first-come, first-served basis, advance registration required)
Consortium of Universities Kyoto
1st time
Theme "Building a foundation for promoting FD on campus"
Outline This seminar consists of three points. First, we will provide basic knowledge of the concept, definition, and significance of FD, as well as related policy trends. Second, we will introduce examples of university-wide and undergraduate initiatives at Kyoto Tachibana University. Third, participants will consider how to promote FD at their own universities in the future.
This is an opportunity for various people involved in FD to review the current situation of FD at their universities and think about future measures.
Lecturer Takero
Nishino Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Contemporary Business, Educational Development Support Center, Kyoto Tachibana University
Schedule Tuesday, August 21, 2018 13:30~15:30
Venue Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Conference Room 2
2nd Annual
Theme "Exploring the Direction of Educational Development of Your University, Faculty and Department"
Outline The purpose of this seminar is to clarify the direction of educational development of the university, faculty, and department to which the participants belong through workshops centered on discussion.
As for the content, I will first summarize the contents of the first course (basic knowledge of FD). Second, we will share the case studies of each university and relativize the situation of our own university (faculty and department). Third, we will look at the issues of educational development at our own university (faculty and department) and consider where we should start. (In particular, the second and third contents did not take much time in the first session, so this time we will focus on them) Through the above three points, we hope that each participant will have an opportunity to gain an opportunity to promote further educational development in the field.

Information on participating in ≪ training≫
In order to enhance this seminar, we will conduct a pre-seminar questionnaire. The response results may be statistically processed so that individual names are not known, and then used within the scope of the training. Please note.

Lecturer Takero NishinoLecturer, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Contemporary Business, Educational Development Support Center,
Kyoto Tachibana University
Schedule Saturday, March 9, 2019, 13:30-16:30
Venue Campus Plaza Kyoto 5F Joint Laboratory 1

Application (2nd)

How to apply (apply by e-mail)
2nd Kyoto FDer Juku Application
  1. (1) Name (furigana)
  2. (2) Name of university, department name, and position
  3. (3) Distinction between faculty members and administrative staff
  4. (4) E-mail address

Please apply by e-mail to fdrd■consortium.or.jp with the above contents. (Please change ■ to @)

* We will send you a confirmation email after receiving your application. If you do not receive the confirmation email after 3 business days, please contact us. (Due to the year-end and New Year holidays from December 28, 2018 ~ January 4, 2019, application completion emails for applications during that period will be sent after January 5, 2019.) )

* When participating in this training, we have received a preliminary questionnaire (WEB response format) from the instructor. We will inform you of the questionnaire URL in the body of the reception completion email, so please answer.

Deadline for application

Monday, February 11, 2019 ⇒ Monday, February 25, 2019

* If there are remaining seats, we will accept applications even after the application deadline.

* If the capacity is reached, we will close accepting applications before the application deadline.

Implementation Report

【Part 1】

 Kyoto FDer Juku was held on Tuesday, August 21, 2018.
Under the theme of "Creating a Foundation for Promoting FD on Campus," Mr. Takero Nishino of Kyoto Tachibana University gave a lecture on the basics such as the definition of FD, and introduced examples of educational reform at Kyoto Tachibana University.
In the workshop, participants looked back on their own university's FD, explored issues, and exchanged opinions on the issues and initiatives faced by each university.
In the questionnaire conducted after the event, both "satisfaction" and "recommendation" were high at 93%, and comments such as "It was good to be able to explain the essence in an easy-to-understand manner," "It was good to learn about the efforts of other universities and the current situation of FD," and "We were able to share our awareness of the problem."

Scene of the event
Scene of the event

【Part 2】

 Kyoto FDer Juku was held on Saturday, March 9, 2019.
Under the theme of "Exploring the Direction of Educational Development in Your Own University, Faculty and Department," Mr. Takero Nishino of Kyoto Tachibana University gave a lecture following the first lecture. In the workshop that followed, participants shared the issues faced by each university with each other, relativized the issues faced by their own universities, and searched for solutions to the problems.
In the questionnaire conducted after the meeting, both "satisfaction" and "recommendation" were 100%, and we received positive evaluations such as "I was able to take time to think about my own issues and the problems of my own university" and "It was good to hear examples from other universities."

Scene of the event
Scene of the event

Contact us

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