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About the “School-City Collaboration Project” in FY2024


1. Business Overview

Kyoto City and the University Consortium Kyoto (public foundation) are implementing the “University Community Collaboration Creation and Support Project (nicknamed the Gakumachi Collaboration Project)” to support projects and programs that involve collaboration between universities, students, and the local community to develop Kyoto’s urban development and revitalize the local area. This project was launched in
2004 and is now in its 21st year, with the aim of developing human resources by securing practical education and research opportunities for universities, and resolving local issues and revitalizing the local area through the knowledge of universities and the energy of students for the local area.

FY2024 School-City Collaboration Project Application Guidelines

2.  Target organizations

An organization or group (*) consisting of students from universities or junior colleges affiliated with the University Consortium Kyoto, where the majority of the members are students and the representative is a student. If the organization is composed of students from multiple universities, it is acceptable as long as the majority are students from universities or junior colleges affiliated with the University Consortium Kyoto.                                                   *University departments, laboratories, seminars, clubs, student circles (circles composed of students from multiple universities are also acceptable), etc.

In principle, only one project can be applied for from the same organization or group. If there are multiple applications, they may be adopted or rejected as one project. In addition, even if applications are from different organizations or groups, if they appear to be the same project, we will make necessary confirmations of the project’s purpose and affiliated organizations, etc., before deciding how to handle them.
*If you are unsure of how to handle them, please consult us. We will consider the specific details of the application.

3. Eligible businesses

The program is aimed at solving problems and revitalizing local areas in Kyoto City, and is conducted within the city during the fiscal year in question, and meets the following requirements.
However, this does not include political activities, religious activities, activities that spread specific ideologies, violent or destructive activities, profit-making businesses, etc.

1) A project in which an organization or group works in collaboration with the local community (resident organizations, civic groups, businesses, etc. that operate mainly in the Kyoto City area) and in which students take the lead in the activities.                                                                                    

* New businesses that are expected to lead to future collaboration with the local community are also acceptable.
 Please contact us if a specific partner has not been decided at the time of application. *Collaboration and collaboration projects are activities in which you collaborate with local organizations to tackle local issues together, or participate in the activities of local organizations and support their activities. *                                                                  Government agencies may be included as partners, but collaboration with government agencies alone is not possible.
 Examples: research, citizen lectures, events, etc. in various fields such as health and welfare, social education, urban development, academic/cultural/arts or sports promotion, environmental conservation, and
   local safety .

② Those who are not receiving any grants or subsidies from Kyoto City other than the Gakumachi Collaboration Project.

4. Amount of support and number of cases

Maximum 300,000 yen / 10 to 15 cases

* At the results presentation meeting scheduled to be held in March 2025, one organization will be recognized for the project that is deemed to be the most outstanding (a certificate, trophy, and activity grant of 100,000 yen will be awarded separately).

5. Application

(1) Application period

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024 to Friday, May 31st, 13:00
*Only digital documents must be submitted; paper documents are not required.

(2) FY2024 Business Recruitment Information Session *Held online

Date and time: 1) Saturday, April 20th, 2024, 10:00am
   2) Thursday, May 9th, 2024, 6:00pm
We will also be accepting questions regarding how to fill out the application form.


(3) Application method

Step 1 Before you start writing your application

We recommend that you read the basic plan of the administrative ward where you will be carrying out your activities! Also, listen to the opinions of local people and related administrative agencies as much as possible regarding the background of the project and the needs of the community. If you have any questions about the ward basic plan or points to keep in mind when carrying out activities in the community, you can consult with the Community Power Promotion Office of each ward office or branch office.
Reconfirm and share your objectives and goals, and discuss with your group whether the project you are considering is the best way to achieve your objectives. Also, for ongoing projects, take a thorough look at your efforts so far and organize any areas for improvement or novelty so that they can be reflected in your application.

Step 2: Write your application!

<Download application forms etc. from the links below>
Application Guidelines for FY2024
Application form for the FY2024 “School-City Collaboration Project” (Microsoft Word)
Example of filling out the application form

Points to remember when filling out the form

★Check the judging criteria!
Find out what criteria will be used for judging.

★Why are you implementing the project? Be sure to clearly state the purpose and the necessity for the project in the local area.
If you have consulted with local residents or the ward office in step 1, write down the details of that consultation as well.

★Who are you collaborating with (or planning to collaborate with)? What are the roles of each? Be specific.
Gakumachi Collaboration places emphasis on the learning that can be gained by universities, students, and the community working together toward the same goal. Be sure to write clearly what role the partner will play.

If you have any questions about how to fill out application documents, etc., such as
“I’m holding an event involving elderly people, so should I take measures against infectious diseases?” or “I want to set up an internet connection, but can I use the support funds?”, please feel free to contact University Consortium Kyoto. Consultations are also available by phone, email, and online.

Step 3: Register your business details

Please register your business details using the form below.


Step 4: Submit your application

During the application period , fill out the ① application form ( Microsoft WORD) downloaded in step 2 of this page , and submit it along with ② reference data (if available) using the submission form
① Application document data (Microsoft WORD)
② Reference data (up to 10 pages converted to A4 size. Please submit in PDF format.) *Only if available
* Paper submission of ① and ② is not required.


6. Future main schedule

First screening: After application deadline – mid-June 2024
Second screening (public presentation screening): Sunday, June 30, 2024 *Held at Campus Plaza Kyoto
Support projects decided, notification of selection results: mid-July 2024
Certification ceremony and social gathering: mid-July 2024 *Certificates will be issued by Kyoto City for certified projects.
Interim report: mid- to late October 2024 *Document submission
Final report: March 2025 *Document submission
Reporting meeting: mid- to late March 2025

Contact Us

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation University Consortium Kyoto Academic Town Collaboration Project Responsible
TEL: 075-353-9130 FAX: 075-353-9101
MAIL: gakumachi-admin-ml■consortium.or.jp (Please change ■ to @ before sending)
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*Counter reception hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 to 17:00

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