Outline of the event

The Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council conducts this program with the aim of motivating high school students to learn so that they can move toward the future and contributing to the promotion of career education at each school.


Kyoto Katariba

This program aims to help current university students discuss their current selves and future selves with each high school student, listen to the experiences of university students, draw out the "motivation" in their hearts, and help high school students think about their future.


Project for students in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture "Maruttoku"

This program aims not only to foster an image of going on to higher education but also to provide an opportunity to think about one's future by creating opportunities for high school students in the northern Kyoto Prefecture region, who have fewer opportunities to interact with universities on a daily basis than in the southern region of Kyoto Prefecture, and to hear various experiences and thoughts from university students and working adults in the region.

Saturday, March 15, 2014 9:00~11:30
Kyoto Prefectural Ayabe High School Gymnasium
Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council (Secretariat: University Consortium Kyoto)
Marutto Design (Student Organization)
50 high school students (1st year), 20 university students (11 universities), local students (12 students)
Career education program
for high school students in the northern region of Kyoto Prefecture (1) Divided into
groups (2) Icebreaker (liar self-introduction) (3) Write down and show each other "
what you like", "what you want to try< > and "memories" (4) Your color Express yourself with color and announce
the reason (5) Speech
by university students and local people (6)
Summary ( Imagine yourself in 3 years)

Projects for Female Students

The half-day project ended in a blink of an eye, with questions unique to intergenerational talks, such as "what I should have done at that time" and "what I wish I had done" that can only be understood now that it has passed, and there were scenes where university students and working adults talked in real ways based on their own actual experiences.
The participating high school students were inspired not only by their experiences as university students and working adults, but also by the remarks of other high school students of the same generation. In addition, high school and university students aiming for professional careers such as nursing seemed to have a good opportunity to directly hear the real voices of female seniors working in the field. In addition, university students commented that "a place where you can talk about yourself, listen to it seriously, empathize with them, and express your opinions is very valuable," and it seems that it has become a better place of learning not only for high school students but also for university students. Unexpectedly, among the participants who participated as "supporters" as members of society, it became a place for cross-generational women to interact with each other, and the content was highly satisfying for each generation.

Saturday, December 14, 2013 9:30~12:00
Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Conference Rooms 2 and 3
Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council (Secretariat: University Consortium Kyoto)
Girls' Career Talk in Kyoto
~What is the career of an imadoki woman? Let's ♪ think about it with a nice talk~
(1) Group work between high school and university students (2) Group work
between high school and university students and working adults

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