FY2015 Designated Survey Topics

In fiscal 2015, we set three designated survey themes and conducted survey research.

Designated Survey Projects

Theme Survey on Japan of International Students and Obstacles to Employment in the Kyoto Area
Principal Investigator Kyoto Sangyo University Faculty of Law, Professor Masanori Nakatani
Background and Purpose of the Research With the progress of globalization, companies are increasingly eager to hire international students (hereinafter referred to as "international students"), and the large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Kyoto is no exception. However, the level of awareness of local companies among international students is lower than that of Japan students. In this research, we will conduct questionnaires and interviews with international students, universities, and companies, and aim to analyze where the obstacles prevent international students from finding employment, especially at Kyoto companies.
In addition, we will comprehensively consider what are the effective educational methods to remove these obstacles, what are the effective methods for conveying support information from companies and governments, and what kind of measures can be taken if there is anxiety among local residents due to the increase in the number of international students (foreigners).
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Theme Questionnaire survey on internship graduates
Principal Investigator Ritsumeikan University Faculty of International Relations Ritsuko Kawamura, Professor
Background and Purpose of the Research In the internship program, we have conducted questionnaires immediately after the program to measure the educational effectiveness. We conducted a follow-up survey in 2007 for students who went through the graduate school, but since the situation surrounding internships has changed considerably, we also conducted a questionnaire survey in 2015 to ensure that students who participated in the Foundation's internship program in previous years We will clarify how the internship experience has affected your university life and career development and character development after graduation. Therefore, we will set research questions and measure the educational effectiveness of internships.
We will also investigate the intention to receive guidance from the University Consortium Kyoto with the aim of cultivating alumni who will play an advisory role and have graduates who have entered the workforce contribute to the refinement of this program.
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Theme "Survey
of Kyoto Student Festival Student Executive Committee Members on Growth through Activities ~Verification of Effects of Intercollegiate Activities and Further Business Improvement~"
Principal Investigator Kyoto Bunkyo University Faculty of Social Sciences Masami Mori, Professor
Background and Purpose of the Research It is expected that the generic skills and project management skills of the Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee members are nurtured through various activities such as interaction with students and adults from other universities in the activities of the Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee, planning and operation and implementation. However, there has not been sufficient research and reporting on the educational effects of student festival activities. Therefore, through the activities of the Executive Committee, we aim to clarify how students grow specifically (educational effects) by conducting prog tests and interviews, analyzing them quantitatively and qualitatively, and using them as materials for explaining the significance and effects of the project to various stakeholders. In addition, we will use it to further improve operations, such as reviewing the management and teaching methods of the Kyoto Student Festival.
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Achievement report meeting and exchange meeting

Date & TimeTuesday
, March 15, 2016, 18:30~21:

Plaza Kyoto18
:30~ Achievement Report Meeting 5F Lecture
Room 1 20:30~ Exchange Meeting 2F Hall

Even though it was a weekday night at the end of the fiscal year, 87 people from universities and business organizations nationwide participated.

At the debriefing session, three reports were made in order from "Survey on Japan of International Students and Obstacles to Employment in the Kyoto Area."
In each study, the data obtained from the questionnaires and interviews conducted was carefully analyzed, and based on the data, current issues and recommendations for future business were presented.

Sixty people participated in the exchange meeting that followed the presentation, and the entire venue was excited by the exchange of opinions and discussions based on the presentations.

Debriefing session
Exchange party

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