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2019 Internship Program (long-term project course) project presentation was held.


 From mid-June to mid-November, interns worked on a project presented by the host company in the “Long-term Project Course” internship program of the University Consortium Kyoto. At the project presentation held on Saturday, November 9th, results were reported from eight projects. We were able to see the presentations while adding videos and devising formats, and students from other projects were able to share their experiences. After about five months of activities, we could see the efforts and results of working on the project, such as the importance of cooperating with colleagues and the difficulty of achieving goals.
 At the completion ceremony, the coordinator faculty handed out a “completion certificate” for each project, and the 2019 internship program “long-term project course” ended.



date and time Saturday, November 9 , 2019 13 : 00-17 : 50

Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Hall

Number of corporate
organizations participating in the project
  in order of results report announcement)

8 companies and organizations

Wine Grocery Co., Ltd./University Consortium Kyoto/Day Alive Co., Ltd./Kino Kankyo Co., Ltd./Kansai Rolling Foil Co., Ltd./Ueda Headquarters Co., Ltd./Insight House Co., Ltd./Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education

Number of students attending
25 people from 15 universities 

(Otani University/Kyoto Koka Women’s University/Kyoto Institute of Technology/Kyoto Sangyo University/Kyoto Women’s University/Kyoto University of Advanced Science/Kyoto Notre Dame University/Kyoto College of Art/Kyoto Bunkyo University/Doshisha University/Doshisha Women’s University/Hanazono Universities/Bukkyo University/Ritsumeikan University/Ryukoku University)

Number of Coordinator Faculty

7 people

(Kyoto Koka Women’s University/Kyoto Koka Women’s University Junior College/Kyoto Institute of Technology/Kyoto Women’s University/Kyoto Seika University/Fukuchiyama Public University/Ryukoku University)


Wine Grocery Co., Ltd.
~Planning and holding wine seminars for students~

Considering the wine market, which is likely to shrink in the future due to young people’s lack of alcohol, this is a project to plan and implement “wine seminars for students” to make young people aware of the appeal of wine and to become future customers.

For the holding of the wine seminar, we announced the creation and distribution of flyers to attract customers, the transmission on SNS, the preparation and operation of the seminar day. According to the survey conducted after the seminar, participants were highly satisfied, and some said that they felt more familiar with wine. In addition, the trainees were grateful to the host company for having gained a wide range of knowledge about wine.


Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Consortium of Universities in Kyoto
~Interesting IS Program with Video~

A project to create a PR video to effectively publicize the “long-term project course” internship program of the University Consortium Kyoto.

Under the guidance of the coordinator in charge of how to shoot and edit the video, we collected and interviewed the activities of each project and finished it into a 3-minute video that can be used for publicity such as guidance. I felt that the editing work of the video was not progressing, so I created a scenario and proceeded with the work efficiently. The finished video shows the lively expressions of the students participating in the project.


Day Alive Co., Ltd.

-Kyoto inbound tourism information media renovation and new business plan-

A project to increase the popularity of the video media “Traveler’s Voice of Kyoto” that delivers the voices of foreign tourists.

In order to introduce Kyoto and contribute to the local community, we found unknown places and places where we could have extraordinary experiences, interviewed them, posted them on Instagram, and created a free paper. It was reported that the initial targets for both the number of article submissions and the number of followers were achieved by using attractive photo slides and incorporating the interview process into the video.


Specified Non-Profit Organization Kino Kankyo
-Production of environmental education tools-

A project to think about environmental education tools about garbage and to deepen everyone’s understanding of the environment.

The planned project was to create a “disposal site card” related to the waste disposal facility and install the card at the waste disposal facility so that children would be interested in the environment. When we created a project outline and negotiated for the installation of the cards, there were many problems with the installation, and it was decided that it could not be realized, but we summarized the activities so far in a “report”. It was a valuable opportunity to experience the difficulty of launching a project and realizing it, and he said that he would like to make use of it in the future.



Kansai Winding Foil Industry Co., Ltd.
~ A project to disseminate MADE IN JAPAN manufacturing to the world ~

This is a project to publicize the unknown charms of Kyoto companies, such as amazing manufacturing techniques and interesting products, from the perspective of students.

We created several 5-second videos, mainly for corporate publicity purposes, to be shown at a joint company exhibition in the Kyoto area in October. In creating the video, we referred to the opinions of other companies and worked on the work until the students were satisfied. The presentation was a free talk, and it was devised so as not to bore the audience.


Ueda Co., Ltd. Headquarters
-Planning and operation for matching events between companies and students-

A project to plan and implement a “Company Visit Tour,” which is a matching event between excellent companies in Kyoto that are not known to students and students.

I mainly reported on the selection of companies, making appointments, deciding the schedule, attracting participating students, and the state of the day of the event. In the first half of the event, we visited two companies, and in the second half, we planned a group work where we exchanged opinions on “What is the axis that I want to value in terms of future work styles?” and “What is the best company for me?” . Participants were highly satisfied, and we were able to read the results from the numbers.

Insight House Co., Ltd.

~Yamashina-san Project~

A project to create and introduce a free paper by sending out the revitalization and charm of Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City on SNS.

We negotiated interviews with places and people who were interested in the Yamashina area, and conducted about 20 interviews. In addition to posting restaurants and other places where we interviewed on Facebook and Instagram, we reported that we also posted them in free papers and how we distributed the free papers we created to the posted stores. I could feel how the trainees became familiar with the Yamashina area and supported their activities.


Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education
~Teacher Training Support Seminar~

Practice schools: Uji Municipal Higashiuji Junior High School, Muko Municipal Koyo Elementary School, Uji Municipal Udo Elementary School,
through practical training at the training schools, trainees repeatedly learn and reflect on their individual goals and group goals, and grow. It’s a program that goes on.
Through the guidance of the teacher at the seminar school, I discovered the abilities that I need to train to become a teacher, and I was able to find my future tasks.


 Social gathering

After the project presentation, a social gathering was held. Moderated by 4 trainees, the party was very lively with games such as self-introduction bingo and sudden interviews, and it was a social gathering where trainees and coordinators were able to interact frankly.

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