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“Development and Practice of Effective Study Abroad Programs” Lecture/Results Presentation [Recruitment/Free]

On Saturday, March 28, at Campus Plaza Kyoto, we will hold a lecture and report on the results of the 2014 Study Abroad Program Development Support Project, a joint project between Kyoto City and the University Consortium Kyoto. Development and practice” (held at the same time: 2015 grant project application briefing session) will be held.

This time, we have invited guests who are on the front line of planning unique study abroad programs, and will share practical stories that are useful for development and management.
In addition, we will explain the application for the next year’s support project, report the results of the programs implemented to various countries so far (posters), and have a small interaction between the people concerned (you can ask questions).
We are looking forward to the participation of a wide range of people, including university faculty and staff, who are interested in planning to study abroad.


Business summary

Kyoto City/University Consortium Kyoto is promoting a project to support the development of overseas study abroad programs for member universities, junior colleges, and graduate schools of the University Consortium Kyoto, with the aim of providing Kyoto university students with an attractive overseas experience. .
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Overview of the event

“FY 2014 Study Abroad Program Development Support Project” Lecture/result report


“Development and practice of effective study abroad programs”

date and time

Saturday, March 28, 2015 15:00-18:30


Campus Plaza Kyoto
(5-minute walk from Kyoto Station) 2nd floor hall


(Public interest incorporated foundation) University Consortium Kyoto/Kyoto City


Approximately 70 (For teachers and staff, full-time and part-time working style does not matter)

Entry fee

Free *Advance registration is recommended.


time content
15:00~ opening
“Creating an International Education Program for Global Human Resource Development”
Mr. Kunimitsu Mayaya, International Program Coordinator, Center for International Education, Waseda University
“Fieldwork type overseas agricultural training”
Shinshu University Faculty of Agriculture Assistant Professor Kazuhiro Nemoto
[Result report of adopted program]
“Learn how to use art to revitalize the city from a World Heritage sister city”
Professor Hiroshi Onishi, Department of Information Design, Kyoto University of Art and Design
[Recruitment Briefing]
Study Abroad Program Development Support Project
2015 Adopted Program Recruitment Briefing
* Recruitment target: Universities Consortium Kyoto member schools
[Poster presentation/exchange meeting]
Poster presentation and networking event (with light meals) by the program selected for this project
18:40 closing


Participating faculty and staff members are requested to apply by one of the following methods by Friday, March 20 .

Method 1

Please apply through the website below.


Method 2

Please apply by e-mail.

[Subject] 2014 Study Abroad Program Development Support Project Lecture/Results Report/Recruitment Briefing [
Text] (1) Name (Furigana) (2) Affiliation/Position
With the above contents, kcai-office consortium Please apply at .or.jp.
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when sending. )

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