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About the 19th Kyoto Student Festival

The 19th Kyoto Student Festival (October 10)
Introducing the outline of this festival! 

The 19th Kyoto Student Festival will be held on the official YouTube of the Kyoto Student Festival, the Kyoto Student Festival main festival special site, and Okazaki Ground.
* The format of the event may change depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus.
For details, please see the official website of the Kyoto Student Festival.


Opening Kyoto Student Festival Official YouTube

The 19th Kyoto Student Festival YouTube LIVE will begin with a fanfare by an original animation and brass band. A spectacular performance opened the festival, and the 19th Kyoto Student Festival started with great vigor. In addition to these two, student groups will perform at the opening, and dance performances will be presented.


Start! Kyo Flame Sodete! Kyoto Student Festival Official YouTube

"Kyo Flame Sode-Fure!" In celebration of the start of the creative odori "Kyo Flame Sodefure! Special Version", all the performers of the host team will dance. This year, taking advantage of the online holding method, it will be held at a different venue and a different production than usual. Only this year's "Kyo Flame Sode-Fure!" is a must-see.

Kyouto Student Music Award Kyoto Student Festival Official YouTube

The "Kyouto Student Music Award" is a music contest that recruits music groups mainly active mainly from all over the country and targets everything related to music, such as bands and a cappella. Please take a look at how students transmit their feelings to the whole country through music and performances!


Kyo Flame Sodete! Contest Kyoto Student Festival Official YouTube

Kyo Flame Sodete! is a creative odori based on Kyoto-style songs, choreography, and costumes, in which you dance with four bamboos in your hands. Kyo Flame Sodefure made up of students from Kyoto! You can watch the host team perform in front of Heian Jingu Shrine in real time on YouTube Live for the first prize of 200,000 yen. This is a stage where each team competes to charm the feelings they have put into the performance this year! Please take a look!


A little about the main stage performance!  Odori Promotion Department Official YouTube

We will broadcast the platooning practice from the field! We will conduct interviews with representatives of each team and the original supervisor (performance production team leader) to introduce the appeal of the team and the highlights of the performance. Please take a look to enjoy the performance on the main stage even more!


National Odori Performance Kyoto Student Festival Official YouTube

We solicited dance videos targeting various genres from all over the country. It will be distributed as a digest video on the day of this festival.



GrandFinale Kyoto Student Festival Official YouTube

GrandFinale will be holding an original project "Evening Fes!" this year. Evening Fes! is a special collaboration stage between big band and dance, and the performance video at a tourist spot in Kyoto is also a highlight. In addition, please enjoy this year's special projects such as "Kyo Flame Sodefure! Special Version" and "Soodori" where everyone including viewers dances!


Experience-based project Okazaki Ground

Four projects will be held at Okazaki Ground.
We will hold "Metropolitan Art Created by Everyone" where the pictures you draw move, "Word Cloud Art", a huge photo spot made of letters, "Word Drawing Art Coloring Book" that children can enjoy, and "Burari Riddle Solving Kyoto Tour" where you can learn about Kyoto culture while solving riddles. In addition, at night, the illumination of the mosaic art "Hanato Hikari and Kyoto" using LED lights will be broadcast on YouTube Live. Please come and visit us!!!!





Online riddle solving at home Festival official website

Continuing from last year, we will be planning to solve the mystery using the website! The content is related to Kyoto, and you can learn about the culture of Kyoto through solving riddles! Please try it from the official website of the Kyoto Student Festival!


We are looking for individual supporters

We are looking for people who will support our activities from 500 yen per unit. In order to make the Kyoto Student Festival more accessible, this year we have created original goods for the Kyoto Student Festival as individual supporter benefits. For details, please see "Individual Supporter Recruitment" from the link below. There is an application form, transfer method, and information on benefits. Thank you for your support.

Transfer destination: Japan Post Bank
Subscriber name: Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee
Individual Supporter Account number: 00930-8-318542

Click here for detailed information such as benefits!


Okazaki Ground Access

■10 minutes walk from Higashiyama Station on the Tozai Subway Line ■15
walk from Sanjo Station or Jingu Marutacho Station on the Keihan Ohto Line ■Get off at Kyoto City Bus "Okazaki Park Museum of Art Heian Jingumae" or "Okazaki Park ROHM Theater Kyoto Miyako Messe-mae"