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The main visual of the 15th Kyoto Student Festival has been decided!

2017 Main Visual Results Announcement!!

 Continuing from last year, we invited students to submit the main visual that will serve as the image of the 15th Kyoto Student Festival. We have received 69 entries from more than 20 works since last year, and as a result of careful judging, the main visual for 2017 has been decided. The works that won the grand prize will be used in posters and pamphlets at the Kyoto Student Festival in the future.
Thank you to everyone who applied.

Main Visual Award

Kyoto University of Art and Design, 3rd year student
Moeki Abe

                            15th Main Visual


The torii gate of Heian Jingu Shrine expresses the uniqueness of Kyoto, and depicts not only young people but also grandmothers and children gathering together and having fun. People dancing Yosakoi, which is also the flower of the festival, also appeared, and the costumes are arranged based on the costumes previously worn by Kyoto Seika University Kyo Flame Sodefure. Overall, I was careful to convey that it is an event that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages. Also, considering that text information will be included later, I reduced the number of writing and motifs. I hope that people who see it will feel energetic and cheerful.

【Image incorporated from the application regulations】
(1) Kyoto-like (2) Festivals planned and operated mainly by students and young people (3) Community-based
festivals ★

Judging Comments
It is cheerful and fun, lively and energetic.

★ Supplementary prize
100,000 yen Award Ceremony Sunday, October 8,

★ 2017 Kyoto Student Festival Main Festival Opening Ceremony

Heian Jingu Mae Okazaki Promenade "Main Stage"

Excellence Award

Kyoto Women's University
1st Year Student
★ Miharu Nakamura Judge's Critique
It contains all the elements and is organized as a whole.
MV work (Miharu Nakamura)

Kyoto Art High School

3rd Grade Ms ★. Shino Nakagami
Jury Review
It is formally subdued and the figures are simple and good.
MV work (Shino Nakagami)


<Reference> 15th Kyoto Student Festival Main Visual Recruitment Overview

Recruitment Overview

Application Period 2017.1.1-2017.2.28
Number of works accepted 69 (46 last year)
Admissions ecalbt011_007


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