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17th Kyoto International Student Film Festival Final Jury Decision!

Kyoto International Student Film Festival Competition Program

The main focus of the Kyoto International Student Film Festival is a competition program in which student films are solicited from all over the world, and students on the executive committee judge those films. This year, 350 works were submitted from 27 countries around the world , and 11 winning works were selected after the first and second screening by the executive committee.

[2014 Competition Winning Works]

final judge

All the winning works will be selected by the Student Executive Committee, but the Grand Prix works and other prizes will be decided by the final judges and the Student Executive Committee at the final judging meeting held in early October. increase.

This year, we have decided to invite the following people as final judges. In addition to the final judging, Mikata is also scheduled to appear on the talk show at the “17th Kyoto International Student Film Festival Award Ceremony” to be held on Friday, November 28th.


 <In no particular order, titles omitted>

Kazuo Hara (Film Director)

Made his directorial debut with the documentary film Goodbye CP. Received the Japan Film Directors Association Newcomer Award, the Caligari Award at the Berlin Film Festival, and the Grand Prix at the Paris International Documentary Film Festival for Yuki Yukite, Shingun. “Full Body Novelist” ranked first in Kinema Junpo’s Best Ten Japanese Films list. One of his publications is Tōkoeru Camera (1995). Since 2006, he has been a professor at Osaka University of Arts, Department of Imaging Arts.

Kei Nakai (movie commentator)
Kei Nakai

As a movie commentator, he regularly appears on WOWOW “Eiga Kobo”, J-WAVE “MY FIT MOVIES”, Nico Live “WOWOW Plus”, and “Nama Cine”. He also manages the movie screening events “Nakamekino” and “Eiga no Genius”.
He is also active at the Tokyo International Film Festival and movie talk events.

Don Brown (Translator)
Don Brown (400pix)

Born in New Zealand. As an English subtitle translator, he has been in charge of many works such as “Sailor Suit and Machine Gun”, “Small House”, and “TOKYO TRIBE”. He has also worked as an English translator for the Japan Film Database (JFDB) and the Tokyo International Film Festival, as well as an English translator and interpreter for Tokyo Filmex. His column on Japanese cinema, “ONE TAKE ON JAPANESE CINEMA,” is being serialized in the Asahi Shimbun.


Information about the festival will be posted on the official website as needed.



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