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Announcement of 2017 University Relay Course and Change of Venue

Each of the approximately 50 universities and organizations that are members of the University Consortium Kyoto offers unique lifelong learning courses
The "University Relay Course" is held by each university in a relay format at Campus Plaza Kyoto in order to let the public know about various unique courses that make use of the characteristics of each university, other than the courses previously provided to Kyoto College. Pre-registration is not required and it is free, so please join us.
* Some courses have been changed from the originally scheduled venue.
Please check the following.

Let's experience more university courses ~"University City Kyoto" is a learning campus~

* The capacity and venue have been changed as follows.
◆Capacity: 250 people ※ 90 people on 9/9, 170 people on
1/27 ◆Lecture time: 13:30~15:00 (Doors open at 13:00) ◆Venue: Campus Plaza Kyoto 4F Lecture Room 2 (except 9/9 and 1
9/9 Campus Plaza Kyoto 5F Seminar Rooms 2-4
1 /27 Campus Plaza Kyoto 4F Lecture Room 3
◆Registration: Not required
◆Admission: Free

This year, 12 courses will be held from the following 11 universities. Take the course of your choice.
《2017 University Relay Course》【Detailed Information Flyer PDF】


May 27 (Sat)

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

With foreigners visiting Kyoto

How to communicate

Jeff Birkland
, Professor, School of Foreign Studies

6/10 (Sat)

Otani University

What the Buddha Statue Speaks to 

-Exploring the history of the region-

Nozomi SaitoProfessor
, Department of History, Faculty of LettersDirector
, Otani University Museum 

7/15 (Sat)

Ryukoku University

Buddhism as the Way: An Introduction to Buddhism
to Notice Happiness 

Takanori SugiokaProfessor
, Faculty of Agriculture

Aug. 5 (Sat)

Saga Art Junior College

Universal Design
: Aiming for a Society Where Everyone Can Live Comfortably

Takehiko SakataProfessor

, Department of Fine ArtsDean, Junior College

9/9 (Sat)

Kyoto Seika University

Literature and Freedom
of Expression: Focusing on Tanizaki Junichiro's Modern Translation of "The Tale of Genji" and "Hosoyuki"

Atsushi Nishino
, Faculty of Humanities Lecturer

9/30 (Sat)

Kyoto Gakuen University

No matter how old you are, it's not too late to build your body and strength.

Misaka Kimura
, Professor, Faculty of Health and Medical Care

10/7 (Sat)

Kyoto Bunkyo University

Urban Development
in which Students and Citizens Work Together – From the Case Study of Uji Tea Initiatives –

Masami Mori
, Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences

11/11 (Sat)

Heian Jogakuin University

Kyoto in the Nara period

Professor, Faculty of International Tourism Studies Kenichi Mohri

11/25 (Sat)

Kyoto Gakuen University

Development of Tokuho Foods with Function Claims Based on Bioregulatory Functions of Foods

Hiroyuki Fujita 

Professor, Faculty of Bioenvironmental Studies

1/27 (Sat)

Kyoto City University of Arts

Art × care = self-righteousness and moderation?

Satoru TakahashiProfessor
, Department of Conceptual Design,
Faculty of Fine Arts

2/10 (Sat)

Kyoto Women's University

Shinran saints in the dictionary-Heart that adores saints

Yoshimichi Kuroda
, Associate Professor, Faculty of
Developmental Education 

February 17 (Sat)

Kyoto Sangyo University

The Universe Seen Through the Lens of Gravity

Atsunori Yonehara
, Professor, Department of
Astrophysics and Meteorology, Faculty of Science 

* The contents of the course changed in name from Kyoto Saga College of Arts in April 2017
are subject to change due to circumstances. ★ Please check the changes posted on the "NEWS" and "Important Notices" on the University Consortium Kyoto website and on the bulletin board in Campus Plaza Kyoto.

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