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Cancellation of classes in the event of transportation interruptions, warnings, etc.

Regarding the Plaza Courses, which are credit-transfer and Kyoto College courses offered at Campus Plaza Kyoto, and the University Consortium Kyoto Internship Program, the criteria for suspending classes and examinations are as follows when a storm warning or special warning is issued, or when transportation is suspended due to a disaster or strike, etc., so please make your own judgment according to the standards. For on-campus courses offered on university and junior college campuses, please follow the instructions of each university or junior college.


1. Criteria for suspension of classes and examinations

If any of the following (1) and (2) apply, classes and examinations will be suspended or postponed. Please check the issuance and cancellation of warnings and the operation status of transportation by checking the news media such as TV and radio, or the website of the Japan Meteorological Agency. In addition, regardless of the following standards, if the University Consortium Kyoto determines that there is an obstacle to the implementation of classes and examinations, classes and examinations may be suspended.

(1) Issuing an alarm

  When a special warning or storm warning is issued for the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture or the Kyoto/Kameoka area (secondary subdivision area)

(2) Suspension
of public transportation When two or more of the following transportation systems are completely or partially suspended or suspended at the same time:

   (1) Kyoto City Bus or Kyoto Municipal Subway (all lines)

   (2) JR (either Kyoto Line, Biwako Line, Kosei Line, Nara Line, or Sagano Line)

   (3) Keihan Railway (between Demachiyanagi ~ Yodoyabashi or Nakanoshima)

   (4) Hankyu Train (between Kawaramachi ~ Umeda)

   (5) Kintetsu Train (between Kyoto ~ Yamato Saidaiji)


2. Standards for Classes and Examinations

When the storm warning is lifted or transportation resumes, classes and examinations will be conducted according to the following standards. In the event that an alarm is issued during a class or exam, in principle, classes and exams that are being held will not be suspended or postponed, and measures will be taken to suspend or postpone them from the next period.



If the service is canceled or resumed by 7:00 a.m.

Held from 1 lecture (9:00)

If the service is canceled or resumed by 10:30 a.m.

Held from 3 lectures (12:40)

If the service is canceled or resumed by 14:00

Held from 5 lectures (16:20)

If the service is not canceled or resumed after 14:00

Classes and exams suspended throughout the day


3. Measures after class suspension or postponement of exams

 Make-up classes due to class suspension and examination dates due to exam suspensions will be announced on e-Kyoto Learning and the bulletin board on the 1st floor of Campus Plaza Kyoto after coordinating with faculty members and the university providing the course.