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Changes to the FY2017 Credit Transfer Syllabus (11)

We would like to inform you that there have been changes to the "2017 Credit Interchange Syllabus" as follows.
* We will update it from time to time if there is a change.

2017.7.4 Update

What's changed?

Course Code Subject Name Universities with Courses What's changing?  What's changed
E001 Learning from Buddha Otani University Course Period [Before change]

6 lectures 18:10~19:40(Every Thursday)※Cancelled:5/4(Thu) ※2017/08/03(Thu)
the exam day, so Kyoto College students are not required to attend.

[After change]

6 lectures 18:10~19:40 (every Thursday
) *Cancelled: 5/4 (Thu), 7/27 (Thu), 8/3 (Thu)

Testing and Evaluation Methods 【Before change】Normal points・・・・Regular exam 60%・Judge) 【After change】

Normal points・・・Report 60%