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Reiwa 4th Year Gakumachi Collaboration Project Gakumachi NEWS!

We will introduce the efforts of the Reiwa 4th year learning town collaboration project.

The "Gakumachi Collaboration Project" recruits plans and projects in which universities, students, and the local community collaborate to work on urban development and regional revitalization in Kyoto, and provides subsidy support.
We would like to inform you about the efforts of this year's selected organizations!

【Activities】Ritsumeikan University Camo Cinema 17 Executive Committee

On Sunday, August 21, we visited "Camo Cinema 17"!

 This time it was held for the first time in three years due to the influence of the corona disaster.                                                       He was actively engaged in public relations activities such as SNS transmission on Instagram, Twitter, and blog, and distribution of leaflets on the streets and at events. The original date of the event was Saturday 20th, but it was postponed to the next day due to rain, and on Sunday 21st, it rained heavily during the day, but it was held safely without a hitch. 

"Kamo Cinema" was launched 20 years ago by Ritsumeikan University students who were interested in environmental conservation of the Kamo River, a symbol of Kyoto, and currently has 35 members. In Kyoto, a student town, cleanup activities and outdoor movie screenings are held every summer as an effort to raise awareness of beautification among young people of the same generation. From there, this year marks the 17th year as an event that connects people to people, people to movies, and people to Kamogawa. 

On the day of the event, a cleanup activity called "Pikakamo" was held from 3:30 p.m., slightly staggered due to rain. At the same time, a "used book exchange meeting" was also held, which was the first attempt of the project. This is a project in which participants bring books and exchange them for new used books. By reducing the number of books thrown away, it was also part of the SDGs initiatives, and books of various genres were lined up at the venue, from novels to picture books, picture books, and old magazines. Some of the books had messages for the exchangers, and it was such a project that warmed the feelings of the recipients. In addition, there was a quiz-style project for children and their families, and it was an event that men and women of all ages could participate in.

 This year's film is "Music."                                                             It is an animated film that skillfully visualizes the "initial impulse to music".                                            When I asked the executive committee members why "Music" was chosen among the many film works, they said that it was a film that reminded me of the importance of "culture" through film, and that I wanted to screen such a work at Camo Cinema while opportunities to experience and interact with culture and art are disappearing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Even when the sun went down, the temperature didn't drop much and it was hot, but as the showtime approached, more and more people came to watch the show, and there were many people who were walking along the Kamo River stopping to look at the screen. 

In the future, they are thinking of not only holding events once a year, but also events that can be held on a daily basis.                              We look forward to your future activities!