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< Cancelled > [For University Faculty and Staff] Call for participants for the 24th Kansai Conference on Support for Students with Disabilities (KSSK)


 The Kansai Roundtable of Support for Students with Disabilities (KSSK) is a gathering of practitioners to engage in lively discussions, exchange opinions and information, and build networks on various themes related to support for students with disabilities based on the basic principle of a working person's perspective.

◆Date & Time: Friday, February 28, 2020, 13:00~16:50 (Information exchange meeting 17:00~18:30) ◆Venue: Campus Plaza Kyoto, 5th floor, Lecture Room 1, etc. (939 Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)

walk from Kyoto Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma Line, JR lines, and Kintetsu Kyoto Line ◆Versus Elephants: Faculty and staff who are involved in or interested in supporting students with disabilities at universities and
junior colleges in the Kansai area ◆Capacity: 70 people (first-come, first-served basis) ◆Participation fee: Free (Information exchange meeting requires a separate participation fee)

Contents & Schedule

12:45 Registration starts
13:00 Opening Remarks

Topic provided "Employment Support for People with Developmental Disabilities ~Assessment and Support for the Purpose of Establishing Themselves in the Workplace~"
≪Lecturer≫ Hiroyuki
Ikeda Assistant Professor, Graduate School of School Education, Hyogo University of Education / NPO Osaka Employment Support Network
for Persons with Mental Disabilities ≪Contents≫

With regard to employment support for people with developmental disabilities, based on the issues that tend to occur in establishing themselves in the workplace, we plan to convey what kind of assessment and support should be provided, specific listening methods, and the direction of support from the perspective of interaction with the work environment. We would like to provide one of many approaches (knowledge and clinical technology) to enhance the effectiveness of employment support.

13:40 Rest and move
13:50 Subcommittee

A Management Capacity: 10 people
The purpose of this subcommittee is to ask participants to submit a questionnaire in advance and discuss the establishment of an organizational support system and system. We welcome participation from administrators who are already in charge of supporting students with disabilities, as well as from universities that are about to establish an organization.
B Support Coordination—Basics— Capacity: 20 people
We will ask you to submit a questionnaire in advance, and we will give a lecture on "one-year schedule and know-how in charge of supporting students with disabilities" mainly for those who have been involved in support work for up to about one year. Faculty and staff who are not staff of the support department are also welcome to participate.
C. Support Coordination—Advanced— Capacity: 10 people
This is a subcommittee in which coordinators and others are involved in the actual work of support and exchange opinions after submitting a questionnaire in advance to exchange opinions on cases where they are unsure about the appropriateness and fairness of support, and discuss the current status of support and issues in the form of "consultation on anything."
Session C "Support Coordination—Advanced" has
reached its capacity. D Career support (including mental and developmental development) Capacity: 20 people
Exit support for students with disabilities for job hunting, etc. is one of the issues at each university. In this subcommittee, we will consider these issues as the theme of "social transition" and discuss practical examples, issues, and prospects at each university. In addition, on the day of the event, lecturers with abundant research achievements and practical experience in employment support will be invited to the subcommittee based on the status and perspectives of external resources.
Session D "Career Support (including Mental and Development)" has
reached its capacity E Small Universities Capacity: 10 This
is a subcommittee for universities with 3,000 or fewer students. Without setting a specific theme, we will share information on the actual state of support and issues unique to small universities, and exchange opinions on measures to solve problems.
16:20 Rest and move
16:30 Summary
16:50 closing
17:00 Information exchange meeting (ends at 18:30)

◆Application Note: Please be sure to check the following.
< Participation in Subcommittees>
Please select your desired ranking in Subcommittee A~E up to your third choice. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request because it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
【Note 1】In order to reflect the topics to be covered by the subcommittee, please enter your university's problems, issues, topics you would like to cover, etc. in the participation application form.
Example: I am worried that the other party will not be convinced that it is difficult to respond to what students with disabilities are asking in terms of budget.
【Note 2】Please indicate in advance the number of students at your university and whether there is a support system (if so, the number of section staff).
【Note 3】If the capacity is exceeded, priority will be given to the first-come, first-served participant. The breakout session you will participate in will be included in the email sent about 7 days before the event. Those who participate in subcommittees A~C will be asked to cooperate with the individual questionnaire.

<About the information exchange meeting >
If you would like to participate in the information exchange meeting after the plenary meeting or subcommittee, please let us know when you apply for participation.
[Venue] Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Hall
[Participation fee] 2,500 yen
* Please bring your own change on the day of the event. We will prepare a receipt with the name of the university. If you wish to include a name other than the name of the university, please contact the secretariat in advance.
* If you wish to make changes, please contact us by Friday, February 21. Please note that if you cancel on the day, you may be charged the fee at a later date.
Application Form

Please click

here to apply 【Application Period】 2019/12/12(Thu)~
2020/2/6(Thu) (Deadline will be closed as soon as capacity is reached)

Organizer, Planning and Operation

Organizer: University Consortium Kyoto
Planning and Management: Kansai Student Support Staff with Disabilities Executive Committee

Secretariat (Contact)

University Consortium Kyoto Student Support Division (Contact: Hotta, Kondo, Takeda) Reception hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00 ~ 17:00
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto
, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL:075-353-9189 FAX:075-353-9101