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About the operation policy of the higher education event navigation "Kyomachiya"


1. This application stipulates the necessary matters for the smooth operation of the Higher Education Event Navigation "Kyomachiya" (hereinafter referred to as "Kyomachiya").

Purpose of use

1. "Kyomachiya" aims to disseminate events of universities and other higher education institutions centered on the University Consortium Kyoto (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") and its member schools, and to serve as an information hub when users collect information on higher education.

Operation management

1. The operation and management of "Kyomachiya" is carried out by the Foundation.

How to use and contents of disclosure

1. The user enters information from the event posting form of "Kyomachiya", and after screening by the Foundation, if there are no particular problems, in principle, it will be released within one week.
Due to the Foundation's business structure, disclosure may be delayed.

2. The Foundation will disclose only the content of contributions that meet the following conditions on "Kyomachiya".
However, the content posted on "Kyomachiya" may be edited, processed, and published by the Foundation as necessary.
1) Announcement and application information for events and seminars related to higher education 2) Announcement and application for training mainly for university officials 3) Announcement

of establishment of organizations, institutions, and businesses related to higher education

3. The Foundation prohibits the posting of the following contents to "Kyomachiya".
1) Information on events and seminars not related to higher education 2) Information related to admission information and entrance examinations 3) Job information
such as recruitment information 4) Information

such as requests to respond to questionnaires 5) False information, etc., that
causes disadvantage to viewers 6) Political or religious activities, or for
commercial purposes 7) Content
that violates public order and morals, laws and regulations, etc. 8) Other information that the Foundation deems inappropriate

4. If inappropriate content is found after the Foundation publishes the event to "Kyomachiya", the publication may be canceled without notice to the contributor and event organizer.

5. Inquiries, complaints, etc. regarding the contents published on "Kyomachiya" shall be handled by the organizer of each event.


1. The Foundation does not guarantee the public contents of "Kyomachiya" or the contents of reciprocal links conducted in "Kyomachiya".

2. The Foundation shall not be liable for any damage caused by the use of data, etc. published in "Kyomachiya".

3. The Foundation may change or discontinue the contents and composition of the data of "Kyomachiya" without notice.

4. The Foundation assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the content or operation of events that are disclosed and held in "Kyomachiya".