Harassment Consultation

If you would like to consult about harassment, please contact the following contact information.

talk■consortium.or.jp (please change ■ to @)


After receiving the contact, the corresponding counselor will contact you. In addition, the consultants for 2023 are as follows, so if you have a preferred counselor, please let us know when you apply.

Please directly tell the counselor who contacted you about the specific content of the consultation. In principle, consultations are conducted face-to-face, but depending on the situation, it may be conducted by e-mail or telephone.

Counselors receive consultation from a neutral position, consider the human rights of the consulter, and are obligated to keep the content of the consultation confidential.

“Guidelines for Harassment Prevention”
“Harassment Prevention Regulations”

2023 Harassment Counselor

Akira Saito Male (Education Department)

Tomomi Fuchikami Male (Educational Development Department)

Koichiro Kawai Male (Student Support Department)

Taku Murono Male (International Business) Department)

Susumu Koizumi Male (Research and Public Relations Department, General Affairs Department)

Shiho Horii Female (Educational Development Department)

Hiroe Niko Female (Student Support Department)

Shigenaka Emiri Shigenaka, Female (Research and Public Relations Department)

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