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November 14th (Sat): 2015 Internship Progress Course Results Report Meeting was held

 In the “Internship Progress Course” of University Consortium Kyoto, from mid-June to the end of November, interns worked on projects presented by host companies. On November 14th, we had a meeting to report on the results, and nine projects were announced over the course of a day. Some presentations included videos and devised formats, and we could see the efforts and results of working on the project. At the completion ceremony after the results report session, the coordinator faculty handed out a “certificate of completion” for each project. With this, the 2015 “Internship Progress Course” has come to an end.

Photo left) Achievement debriefing
photo Right) Completion certificate awarded
2 Kiko Network     10 Completion ceremony

Implementation overview

date and time Saturday, November 14, 2015 10:40-17:35
venue  Lecture Room 2, 4th Floor, Campus Plaza Kyoto
Number of companies and organizations participating in the project
(in order of results report announcement)
 9 companies/organizations
( Yumecom Co. , Ltd./approved specified non-profit organization Kiko Network / Whiz Co., Ltd./Concept Glamor Co., Ltd./Intelligence Office Co. , Ltd./Japan Women’s Professional Baseball League Kyoto Flora / Yosano Co. , Ltd./Non-profit organization Children’s Independence Village Warm-up School Here / Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education )
 Number of students attending 45 students from 10 universities 
(Kyoto Prefectural University/Otani University/Kyoto Sangyo University/Kyoto Women’s University/Kyoto Tachibana University/Kyoto Notre Dame University/Kyoto Bunkyo University/Doshisha University/Doshisha Women’s University/Ryukoku University)

Number of Coordinator Faculty
(Kyoto Institute of Technology/Kyoto Gakuen University/Kyoto Women’s University/Kyoto Seika University/Doshisha University/Ryukoku University)

 About the announcement

Presentation time is 25 minutes each (Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education: 80 minutes for 4 schools)

Yumecom Co., Ltd. 
-Planning and production project for life-like, a nursing care information magazine for your own old age and family-

I have been working with the goal of having my articles published in the magazine “Life Like” published by Yumecom. As a result, we were not able to achieve the goal of showing the booklet at this results report meeting, partly because the publication time of Lifelike was changed. However, I learned various things during the internship, including how to plan.

1 Yumecom

Certified Specified Non-Profit Organization Kiko Network
~Let’s gather 500 students for “Earth Parade 2015 in Kyoto”~

COP21 will be held in Paris for two weeks from November 30th.
The “Earth Parade” was organized mainly by the recipient organizations to let many people know about the new agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol. I was involved in the planning and public relations, and had a variety of experiences.
Through environmental circles and negotiations with university co-ops, I learned the importance of actually taking action.

Photo left) Photograph taken with progress course students with the cooperation of Progress students Photo
right) Flyer of Earth Parade 2015. An image of France. Click here
for Earth Parade

kikounett   kikounett

Wiz Co., Ltd.  Project to make, distribute, promote and publish movies

Wiz’s goal is to produce and distribute films and raise funds for distribution of the next film.
During my internship, I was involved in the making of two films.
A movie has many roles, and even if one of the locations, lighting, costumes, or audio is missing, it needs to be retaken. No matter how hard we tried, there were times when we had no choice but to wait for the scenery around us.
In such a situation, managing over 200 costumes and scheduling was difficult.
The names of the trainees will also appear on the staff roll of the resulting film.

3 with

Concept Glamor Co., Ltd. ~Kyoto Asageiko~

Kyoto Morning Giko started on October 20th. We planned the autumn place, and this time we planned “Otona no Bimonji”.
The first proposal was rejected, and I learned that it is difficult to grasp the “needs” when submitting a proposal, and how difficult it is.
Early in the morning is tough, but you can have a healthy lifestyle!
I learned many things by using my time meaningfully from the morning.

4 concepts

Intelligence Office Co., Ltd. ~Hitomanabi Internship 2015~

The goal of this internship is to create a free paper. The free paper was completed safely, and I was able to distribute it.
In creating it, 14 trainees made 1659 calls.
Of these, 69 appointments were made. Faced with the rigors of business.
The sales experience, which cannot be experienced at a part-time job, gave me an opportunity to think about my future path.
It’s the last spurt for the event on December 5th. Click here

for event details

5 intelligence

Japan Women’s Professional Baseball League Kyoto Flora ~ event planning and management at the time of the game ~

The goal of this project is to “plan and manage the event for the official match held in late August”, and to have as many customers as possible come.
To make this a success, we collaborated with students from the College of Sports and Health Sciences at Ritsumeikan University.

Photo) I made a presentation wearing the uniform of Kyoto Flora.
6 flora

Yosano Co., Ltd. -Efforts to raise awareness of Kyotango vegetables-

 Yosano Co., Ltd. is located in Yosano-cho in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture. We created a product proposal for pasta sauce, one of Yosano’s main products. I’ve seen many catalogs and pamphlets, but this was my first experience as a producer, so there were a lot of things I didn’t understand.
 We created a product proposal document by making sure that the layout, illustrations, and product description text were all ingenious so that it would be understood by the reader.
 It was a very happy experience for the company to use the product proposal as a presentation material.

7 good

Non-Profit Organization Children’s Independent Village Warm-up School From Here
~Managing a summer festival and creating a place to interact with the hearts of truant students with the Yogo area~

We planned and managed the summer festival, which is now in its fourth year, and created a BBQ site that will serve as a place for interaction with local residents.
Thanks to the cooperation of the children and local people “from here”, we were able to complete both missions successfully, and realized the importance of “connection”.
Photo) All participants wore the happi coat used for the activity and made a presentation.

8 from here

Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education ~Teacher Training Support Seminar~

<Elementary school>
At the actual school site, I was involved in individual support for classes, correction of homework and learning handouts, and leading off-campus learning. Under the guidance of the teachers, I learned how to interact with children, how to interact with them, and how to talk to them.

<Junior high school>
From August to November, each student set their own goals and practiced at school. Through class observation, coaching of club activities, and participation in school events, I was able to interact with the students a lot and value my perspective as a teacher, which was a valuable experience.

Photo) I made a play and announced the situation at the time of instruction.

Social gathering

A social gathering was held after the results presentation. Three students who practice concept grammar are in charge of moderating. The get-together started with a greeting from the coordinator, Dr. Kubo. In the student’s project, a bingo game with self-introduction and a sudden interview. Now is the time to interact with trainees from other internships. It was a social gathering where there was no end to talking with the trainees, coordinators, and the people who accepted them. The 2015 progress course ended with a closing address by coordinator Professor Nishimura.

Social gathering ③  Social gathering⑤ 

Social gathering ①  Social gathering②

Contact information

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