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[Held on Saturday, November 6] 2021 Internship Program “Long-Term Project Course” Project Presentation (Result Presentation) Online Viewing Information


 Internship Program “Long-Term Project Course” project presentation (result presentation) will be held at the following date and time.
 The long-term project course is a program in which students work in teams for about five months on themes and issues presented by the host institution. At the project presentation on the last day of the lecture, each project will present the results of their activities so far.
 On the day of the event, you can watch the presentations of the project students at Campus Plaza Kyoto online (Zoom).
 If you are a university student thinking about participating in an internship next year, or if you are a company or organization interested in accepting an internship, please enjoy the culmination of the activities of the project students who actually worked.

 Reference: Click here for the 2019 project presentation → 2019 Results Presentation

date and time

November 6, 2021 (Sat) 13:00-17:50 
*Zoom entry and exit is free 


Application deadline: Thursday, November 4th

The application deadline for the online viewing form has been .
If you would like to visit, please contact the Internship Promotion Office.



*Announcement times for each project have been decided (updated on October 29)
*Schedule times are subject to change. note that.

 Time  overview
 13:00-13:15  Opening remarks
Results presentation Part I (5 projects)
 13:15-13:30 Insight House Co., Ltd.
 13:30-13:45 KOKIN General Incorporated Association
 13:45-14:00 Otonari Lab (Town and City Research Institute)
 14:00-14:15 Otsuki Seal Printing Co., Ltd.
 14:15-14:30 Kansai Winding Foil Industry Co., Ltd.
 14:30-14:38  rest
Results presentation Part II (3 projects)
 14:38-14:53   Tsutsumi Asakichi Lacquer Shop (Town and City Research Institute)
 14:53-15:08   Day Alive Co., Ltd.
 15:08-15:23   Mirai Moriyama 21 Co., Ltd.
 15:25-15:40   Reflect on each project
 15:40-15:50   rest
 15:50-17:30   Project students, the person in charge of the host institution, and the coordinator in charge
  presented their impressions after reviewing each project
 17:30-17:50   Messages and closing remarks from each coordinator

Project introduction

Recipient project overview
Insight House Co., Ltd. [Kyo no Yamashina-san Project] 
  By transmitting the charm and warmth of the people in the Yamashina area of ​​Kyoto City, we will create connections between people and lead to the revitalization of the city. We will post on SNS and plan and create free papers.
Day Alive Co., Ltd. [Enhancement of inbound tourist information media content in Kyoto] We aim to find attractive places in Kyoto and write articles on ” Traveler’s Voice of Kyoto
” , a video interview site for foreign tourists .
Kansai Winding Foil Industry Co., Ltd.  [“Create” x “Tell” to find yourself who you want to be! ]
A project that thinks and disseminates together with the internship how the things that we cherish can resonate with people’s hearts. We create deliverables that convey the charm of foil.
Otsuki Seal Printing Co., Ltd. [Creation of Today’s Yamashina Rediscovery Label Interesting Seals and Stickers] While understanding the reality of sticker printing, we will work on the development of stickers that will make everyone say “funny!”
KOKIN General Incorporated Association  [Northern Kyoto Tourism Promotion Planning and Proposal Project]
  Together with KOKIN, which promotes community development that utilizes local resources in Maizuru, we will propose business opportunities and plan events in order to realize “Kyoto’s best city with opportunities.” This time we are focusing on tourism promotion.
Limited Liability Partnership City and City Research Institute  [Support project to support and propose the next step of community activity groups from the perspective of SDGs]
This time, we will be divided into two teams, Otonari Lab and Tsutsumi Asakichi Lacquer Shop. We will work on SDGs support projects that identify SDGs , conduct survey research, and plan and implement activities .
Mirai Moriyama 21 Co., Ltd.  [Project to create an entrepreneurial town “Moriyama”]
We will work to build a business model to solve local issues at the town development company “Mirai Moriyama 21” funded by Moriyama City. This time, we will interview entrepreneurs in Moriyama and convey the power of the region.

Contact information

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation University Consortium Kyoto Internship Business Promotion Office
TEL 075-353-9106 FAX 075-353-9101
Campus Plaza Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8216
* Reception hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9:00- 17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)