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【Finished】Kyoto Student Festival 2016 Regional Revitalization Project Call for Collaborating Organizations

Overview of the business

Students in Kyoto, who transcend the boundaries of universities, form an executive committee and engage in daily activities with the aim of disseminating "Kyoto as a city of students" to society in cooperation with the business community, government, local communities, and universities, further revitalizing the Kyoto area, and creating new attractions.
After various community exchange activities throughout the year, such as the promotion of the original creative odori "Kyoen Sodefure!" and community collaboration events, the grand main festival is held every October as the culmination of these activities.
The University Consortium Kyoto has set the goal of "student growth" in the daily activities of the Student Executive Committee, and provides support aimed at "student independence" in which students themselves can think and act on their own, and supports them so that they can maximize what they have accumulated in the course of their activities for one year since the establishment of the Executive Committee in November every year at this festival in October.

FY2016 Regional Revitalization Project 

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The Kyoto Student Festival has a strong image of a festival centered on odori held in the Okazaki area every October, but in addition to this, we also carry out various activities on a daily basis, such as regional and international exchange, with the aim of "spreading the charm of Kyoto" and "revitalizing the region." However, in order to further realize activities in line with these objectives, it is necessary to have a partner who can work hand in hand, not just the Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee.
Therefore, we will recruit organizations (collaborators) who want to "enliven the community together with students" and "want to further convey the appeal of the region with the perspective and power of students" and promote collaborative projects for a single year. However, the Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee is also limited in terms of budget, time, and competence, and it is expected that the organizations that have applied for the festival will not be hired, or that the number of organizations that will be hired may be extremely small. Although we are in this situation, we are waiting for organizations that can feel the significance of "Kyoto as a student city" created by industry, academia, and public regions in collaboration and apply to realize their goals.

Recruitment Overview

Period of application

Monday, October 26 Monday, November 30, 2015


(1) Partners in the Kyoto area (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)

(2) Partners that are trying to revitalize by utilizing the power and perspectives of students

(3) Partners who value creating plans together with students

(4) Partners who have an educational perspective on students


A single-year joint project on the premise that it will lead to the main festival in October 2016, the culmination of the Kyoto Student Festival

* Examples of collaboration below

■Large-scale events in collaboration with local communities

(Example) Pre-event held on August 22, 2015 "Challenge to the World in Fushimi"

■Development of goods that lead to the events of this festival in cooperation with companies (those that are not for profit)

・Making staff uniforms for this festival from a student's perspective in collaboration with Kyoto's kimono industry

・In cooperation with beverage companies, distribution of "Student Festival Original Beverages" on the day of the festival, etc.

■Regional events in collaboration with local governments

・Government-sponsored events in the northern region

■Research to lead students to a sense of growth in collaboration with universities

・Research on how students are growing before and after the festival (including interim feedback)



Project Promotion Schedule (tentative)

By the year 2015

Mon. 30 November


~Late December

Document screening (*1)

In 2016

~Late January

Interview with applicants


Started meetings with partner organizations and organizations


Project implementation (holding collaborative events, announcement of developed products, etc.) (*2)

  1. Whether or not to adopt the festival will be examined including the feasibility of the festival's budget, system, timing, etc. Depending on the situation, it is expected that the application will not be selected as a result of deliberation. Deliberations on whether or not to adopt the proposal will be made in consultation with the Selection Committee and the Planning and Review Committee, which are members of the Executive Committee.
  2. It is scheduled to be held in June ~ August before the main festival. However, if the project is feasible, it can be held ahead of schedule. (To be decided after consultation with the partner)


How to apply

1. Download the dedicated form (Excel)ouboyousi

2. Fill in the required information on the application form

3. Attach the application form and send it by email!
】saiten14th-ml■consortium.or.jp (Please change ■ to @ and send)

 Title】Kyoto Student Festival Regional Revitalization Project Application
【Text】Name of person in charge, affiliation (position), contact information (telephone number and email address)

Please feel free to contact us!

Report on the 13th Kyoto Student Festival


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