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“2019 Kotaisha Collaboration Future Session” was held!

 The 2019 Kotaisha Collaboration Future Session was held at Campus Plaza Kyoto on September 22nd (Sunday) and at Fukuchiyama Public University on September 29th (Sunday).
This Future Session, which is in its fourth year this year, is a career education program that aims to encourage the career development of high school and university students, and involves dialogue and exchange across generations and schools, such as high school students, university students, and working adults.
 This year, the event was held at two venues, one in Kyoto and the other in northern Kyoto, with 26 high school and university students attending the venue in Kyoto and 54 at the venue in northern Kyoto.

 The invited guests this time were Mr. Noriaki Imai, Chairman of the certified NPO D is. At each venue, the two of them looked back on their high school and university days under the theme of “What kind of work will society need in the future?” and talked about changes in thinking, realizations, and triggers up to the present day. Thank you for your talk.
 After listening to the guest lecture for an hour, each group shared their impressions and formulated questions for the guests. Both guests carefully answered each question from each group.
 Afterwards, we held a World Café as part of our group work, and deepened our thinking about work by listening to opinions from other groups regarding the theme of this time, “What kind of work will society need in the future?”

 Through interacting with students and university students from other schools that they would not normally meet, the participants were able to experience a variety of opinions and spend a meaningful time full of insights and learning.

 ■Venue in Kyoto City

 ■Scenes from the venue in northern Kyoto Prefecture