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[For university students] Looking for facilitators for Kotaisha Collaborative Future Session

 We are recruiting university student facilitators for the “2019 Kotaisha Collaboration Future Session” to be held in Kyoto City on Sunday, September 22nd!

 The “High School and Shrine Collaboration Future Session” is a program for dialogue and exchange across generations and schools, such as high school students, university students, and working adults.
 This time, through guest lectures and workshops on the theme of “What kind of jobs will be needed in society in the future?”, high school and university students will form an opportunity to interact in groups and think about their future jobs and careers together.
 During group work, we are looking for facilitators to act as facilitators to liven up the discussion within each group!
 On the day of the event, we hope that you will be able to experience the behind-the-scenes aspects of the event by helping us set up the venue before the reception begins and cleaning up after the event.

◆For details about this event, please check the website or flyer below.
Kyoto venue flyer
*The details of the facilitator recruitment posted on the flyer have been updated as follows.

Kotaisha collaboration future session

[Date and time] Sunday, September 22, 2019 11:00-16:00
    *Facilitators are scheduled to meet at 9:30.
[Meeting place] Campus Plaza Kyoto 2nd floor hall
[Target] University students attending universities in Kyoto Prefecture
[Participation fee] Free
    *Lunch (boxed lunch) will be provided on the day of the event.
[Application deadline] Saturday, September 6, 2019
[How to apply]
Please send the following information via email.
(1) Name (furigana) (2) Affiliated university (3) Year (4) Telephone number (5) E-mail address
     (Please change ■ to @ before sending)

・After receiving your application, we will send you a confirmation email.
・If you do not receive the reception completion email after 3 business days, please contact us.

Application/Contact information

University Consortium Kyoto Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Educational Development Division
Phone: 075-353-9153 FAX: 075-353-9101 
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto, Nishinotoin-dori Shiokoji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City
*Counter reception hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 to 17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)