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2019 SD Seminar "Open Presentation for Students" will be held! Visitors are now being accepted!

Since 2015, the University Consortium Kyoto has been holding SD seminars at each university and junior college, mainly member schools,
with the aim of supporting the development of university staff who will autonomously and independently take on the future management of the university.
In fiscal 2019, 17 university staff members participated and attended a total of eight lectures over a two-month period.
On Saturday, September 7, we will hold a public presentation where students will present their achievements.
We look forward to the participation of many university officials.
(You are free to enter and leave the room.) )


Application deadline: Monday, September 2, 2019 * We will send you a confirmation email after receiving your application.

2019 SD Seminar "Open Presentation for Students"

Date & Time: Saturday, September 7, 2019, 13:00~18:10 ※ You are free to enter and leave the room.
Venue: Campus Plaza Kyoto

Program Schedule * Start and end times are approximate. Subject to change depending on progress.
In addition, the theme of the presentation is subject to change.

Order Start time Presenter Affiliation Presentation Theme
13:00~13:10 Explanation from the secretariat
1 13:10 Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Analysis of University Utility Costs
2 13:25 Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Consumer Education in Universities: Responding to the Lowering of the Age of Adulthood
3 13:40 Shitennoji University Examining the Purpose and Role of University Admissions Reform
4 13:55 Hanazono University The effectiveness of branding in universities
14:10~14:20 Small break (10 minutes)
5 14:20 Kyoto Sangyo University Creating a place for interaction through food
6 14:35 Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University A Study of Regional Cooperation Organizations Aiming to Become a University Needed by the Community
7 14:50 Otani University Thinking about university branding: Creating new value driven by staff
8 15:05 Otani University Disseminating the appeal of the university through the integration of the Admissions Public Relations Department and the Career Employment Division
15:20~15:30 Small break (10 minutes)
Nine. 15:30 Kyoto Seika University Donation Solicitation Activities of Small and Medium-sized Universities
10 15:45 University of Shiga Prefecture Sustainable University Organization and the Role of Staff
11 16:00 Kyoto University of Art and Design A Study on the Introduction of Facility Management to Own University
12 16:15 Kyoto University of Art and Design What are the elements necessary for the use of educational IR in visualizing learning outcomes and their substantiation?
16:30~16:40 Small break (10 minutes)
Thirteen. 16:40 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Consideration of regional cooperation and community contribution programs to promote student growth
Fourteen. 16:55 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies What is the involvement of staff that prepares the prerequisites for students' independent learning?
Fifteen. 17:10 Kyoto Women's University What are the requirements for IR to function effectively?
Sixteen. 17:25 Bukkyo University Development of SD to Encourage the Motivation and Growth of University Staff
Yao-yeon 17:40 Hiroshima Institute of Technology Improving the Environment for the Promotion of SD through Work Style Reform
17:55~18:10 Closing Remarks

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