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2013 “Future Kyoto Creative Research Project” research results report has been published!

In order to utilize the accumulation of “knowledge” of “University City Kyoto” and create policies for the future development of Kyoto, we ask university researchers and Kyoto City departments in charge to conduct surveys and research in cooperation. We would like to inform you that we have published the 2013 research results report for the “Future Kyoto Creative Research Project”.thinktank

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2013 Research Results Report

* The title of the research representative and the name of the research cooperation department are those at the time of adoption.

Designated Issues
Roles of Biodiversity Conservation in Kyoto’s Traditions, Culture, Sightseeing, etc. and Necessary Measures in the Future

Research theme Knowledge of coexistence with the natural environment in civic life and evaluation of familiar biota
Research representative Mr. Shozo Shibata, Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
research summary The knowledge of coexistence with the natural environment and the actual state of familiar biota cultivated in the lives of citizens were collected through household surveys in the Shirakawa water system, field surveys of the Shirakawa Children’s Festival, etc., surveys of temples and shrines on the movement of wild animals, and forest vegetation damage. Presented through field surveys (mainly by deer), surveys of townhouse gardens, etc. Based on this, we proposed the creation of a support framework through collaboration between administrative departments and citizens, so that efforts to coexist with the natural environment that are rooted in the lives of citizens will lead to the creation of the charm of a city unique to Kyoto.
Research cooperation Environmental Management Division, Environmental Planning Department, Environmental Policy Bureau, Kyoto City
research report  research report  


Specified Issue
Conditions for Successful Social Business and Necessary Measures – From the Perspective of Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises –

Research theme Empirical research on fostering and popularizing social business using student-participation business competitions 
Research representative  Etsuka Omuro , Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Kyoto Sangyo University
research summary With the cooperation of a company that manufactures and sells social products, a competition was held over a period of about 100 days in which students made proposals regarding the development and dissemination of social products. Based on the results, he showed the possibility that his own involvement in social business would lead to the development of socially oriented consumers, and proposed the enhancement of socially oriented consumer education for younger generations (high school students, etc.) and the creation of an environment that facilitates entrepreneurship. bottom.
Research cooperation Kyoto City Industrial and Tourism Bureau Commerce and Industry Department Commercial Promotion Division
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Free assignment

Research theme Issues in Urban Planning of Narrow Streets Adjacent to Arterial Roads
-Toward Maintenance and Conservation of “Historical Narrow Streets”-
Research representative  Sachiko Morishige, Researcher, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
research summary We grasped the characteristics and issues through a survey of the conditions of narrow streets in the so-called “field district”. City planning regulations for high-rise buildings facing narrow streets, clarification of the handling of blind roads that are “non-roads” under the Building Standards Act and guidance for the installation of emergency exits, narrow streets and high-rise buildings We proposed measures such as creating rules to adjust relationships.
Research cooperation Kyoto City, City Planning Bureau, Urban Planning Department, Urban Development Promotion Section
Kyoto City, City Planning Bureau, Architecture Guidance Department, Architecture Guidance
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 Free assignment

Research theme  Analysis of new segments and their characteristics in the kimono-related market
Research representative Ritsumeikan University College of Business Associate Professor Mari  Yoshida
research summary Through interview surveys on the attractiveness of kimonos to kimono-related businesses, etc., and questionnaire surveys of people who wear kimonos on a regular basis, we will organize the problem structure of “kimono separation” and support measures to improve consumer knowledge. and the dissemination of opportunities to wear kimono on a daily basis.
Research cooperation Traditional Industry Division, Commerce and Industry Department, Kyoto City Industrial and Tourism Bureau
research report research report  

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