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Opening of "University Relay Course" and "Kyoto Studies Course"

In response to the new coronavirus infection situation, a state of emergency was declared in Kyoto Prefecture on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.
For indoor events, we have been requested to hold them with a capacity of 1/2 after thorough infection prevention measures.

The capacity of the "University Relay Course" and the "Kyoto Studies Course" has been reduced to one-half since the start of September,
and we will continue to implement them while taking the following infection prevention measures.

1) Infection
prevention measures in course management ・ The number of participants will be implemented at about 50% or less of the classroom capacity.
・ Each student will be seated so that there are seats in front of them, left and right, and the distance between them will be maintained.
・ Materials are placed on the desk instead of handed over at the reception to reduce opportunities for contact with staff.
・ Ventilate as appropriate during lectures.

2) Infection
prevention measures at Campus Plaza Kyoto ・ Staff thoroughly measure their temperature, wash their hands frequently, and wear masks before going to work.
・ Doorknobs, toilet faucet levers,
and other areas that are touched by an unspecified number of people are frequently disinfected.

3) (To students) Please
wear a mask and disinfect your hands ・ When entering Campus Plaza Kyoto, please wear a mask and disinfect your hands with the disinfectant solution installed at the

4) Request
for health management ・ Please measure your temperature at home, etc., and refrain from taking the course if you have a fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or higher or 1 degree above the normal heat ratio),
or if you feel unwell such as cough, sore throat, fatigue, or difficulty breathing.

5) (To students) Please
refrain from talking in elevators and lobbies ・ Please refrain

from talking in elevators and lobbies, which are prone to crowding. Based on future requests, we will inform you again if we decide to cancel.
* For the "Kyoto Studies Course", if it is canceled, we will refund the amount equivalent to the course.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.