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[Event Report] About the 20th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum

The purpose of the National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum is to exchange information on the efforts and research results of each university consortium in order to contribute to the development of higher education, and this year marks the 20th time.
 The memorable 20th forum was co-hosted with the Fujinokuni Regional and University Consortium, a public interest incorporated association, and was held under the theme of “Creating a sustainable local community spun by a university consortium – A new vision for the post-corona era.” The event was held at Tokoha University’s Shizuoka Kusanagi Campus with the main theme of “Aiming to Create Value,” marking the first time it has been held in Shizuoka Prefecture.

234 university faculty members and education-related people participated from all over the country, and through keynote speeches, symposiums, and case reports and exchanges of opinions in breakout sessions, the event became a forum for exchanging information and reconsidering the ideal form of “university consortiums.”

▼ Tokoha University Shizuoka Kusanagi Campus   


[September 2nd (Sat)]

▼ National University Consortium Council
Greetings from Hikaru Kurosaka, Representative Secretary

▼President of Shizuoka University,
Chairman of the Fujinokuni Region and University Consortium
Greetings from Kazuyuki Hizume

▼Greetings from Tsutomu Deno, Vice Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture

▼Scene of the venue


The keynote speech was given by Kazuo Oike, President of Shizuoka Prefectural University and Vice-Chairman of the Fujinokuni Regional and University Consortium, on the theme of “The Land of Japan, the Land of Shizuoka – Large-Scale Natural Disasters and Crisis Management for Higher Education Institutions.” We welcomed him and gave a lecture.

▼ Keynote speaker: Mr. Kazuo Oike ▼ Keynote speech


 At the symposium, speakers from industry, government, and academia perspectives made presentations on the theme of “Expectations for University Consortiums to Create Sustainable Local Communities,” and a lively discussion ensued.

 Kazuyuki Hizume (President of Shizuoka University, Chairman of Fujinokuni Regional and University Consortium)
 Tsutomu Deno (Vice Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture)
 Kimio Sakai (Chairman and Representative Director of Shizuoka Railway Co.)
 Shigehiro Ikegami (Shizuoka Prefecture) Board of Education Superintendent)

▼ Scene from the symposium 


In the education administration report,Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Higher Education Bureau, University Education and Entrance Examination Division, Assistant DirectorWe welcomed Mr. Kenichi Yamada and gave a report on “trends in higher education policy”.   

▼ Educational administration reporter Mr. Kenichi Yamada
(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology 
(Assistant Director, University Education and Entrance Examination Division, Higher Education Bureau)


At the poster session, which brought together 18 organizations from consortiums, governments, and companies from all over the country, participants asked many questions and commented on their respective initiatives, and there was active interaction between exhibitors and participants. Ta.      

▼ Poster session  ▼University introduction corner
▼ Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Science, Technology and Academic Policy Bureau, Research and Development Strategy Division
▼ Public Interest Incorporated Association
2025 Japan International Expo Association
▼ Shizuoka Prefecture ▼ Shizuoka City
▼ Iwate Higher Education Consortium ▼ Academic City Sendai Consortium
▼ University Consortium Yamagata ▼ Academia Consortium Fukushima (ACF)
▼ Public Interest Incorporated Association
Academic/Cultural/Industrial Network Tama
▼ University Consortium Hachioji
▼ Public Interest Incorporated Association
Sagamihara-Machida University Regional Consortium
▼ Public Interest Incorporated Association
Fujinokuni Region/University Consortium
▼University Consortium Ishikawa Public Interest Incorporated Association ▼University Consortium Kyoto Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
▼ Specified non-profit corporation
University Consortium Osaka
▼University Consortium Okayama
▼ General Incorporated Association Educational Network China ▼University Consortium Kumamoto


At the information exchange meeting, participants exchanged information over food and drinks for the first time in4 years after the coronavirus pandemic. We heard that the participants were able to communicate in a way that only a face-to-face meeting could do.

▼ Information exchange meeting 


[Sunday, September 3rd]

On the second day of the forum, four breakout sessions were held that covered various themes related to universities and consortiums, and participants reported on practical cases and exchanged opinions with participants.

▼ 1st Subcommittee
(University Consortium Kyoto)
▼ 2nd Subcommittee
(Academic/Cultural/Industrial Network Tama)
▼ 3rd Subcommittee
(Fujinokuni Region/University Consortium)
▼ 4th Subcommittee
(University Consortium Osaka)


 The purpose of establishing this council is to exchange information and research between university consortiums, and we hope that your participation and active exchange of information will lead to great success.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the faculty and staff, as well as from each consortium, for their participation and cooperation.

 The next 21st forum will be co-hosted with University Consortium Kyoto and will be held in Kyoto City in September 2024.
Details will be posted on the University Consortium Kyoto website as soon as they are decided.
We look forward to your participation.


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