Harassment Consultation


Please contact the following to request a harassment consultation.

talk■consortium.or.jp (Please replace ■ with @)

After you are contacted, you will be contacted by the corresponding counselor. In addition, the counselors for FY2024 are as follows, so if you have a counselor you would like to have, please let us know when you make a request.

Please inform the counselor directly of the specific content of the consultation. As a general rule, the content of the consultation will be heard face-to-face, but in some cases, it will also be conducted by e-mail or telephone.

Counselors receive consultations from a neutral standpoint, take into consideration the human rights of the counselors, and are obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding the content of the consultation.

Guidelines for Preventing Harassment
“Harassment Prevention Regulations”

FY2024 Harassment Counselor

Koichiro Kawai (Koichiro Kawai) Male (Education Division)
Tomomi Fuchigami (Tomomi Fuchikami) Male (Educational Development Division)
Akira Saito (Akira Saito) Male (Student Support Division)
Taku Murono (Taku Murono) Male (International Division)
Susumu Koizumi (Susumu Koizumi) Male (Research & Public Relations Department, General Affairs Department)
Misako Oi (Misako Oi) Women (Research & Public Relations Division)
Noriko Fujita (Noriko Fujita) Female (General Affairs Department)
Junko Yamada (Junko Yamada) Women (Education Division)

External Consultation Organizations