[Finished] [Information] 2/4 (Sun)! About the Yoshimoto Gion Hanazuki and Kyoto Student Public Relations Department Collaboration Event

Kyoto Student Public Relations Department presents Gion Kazuki University ~OB / OG is back! Homecoming Day 2024~

This time, the “Kyoto Student Public Relations Department”, which is operated by the Kyoto City and University Consortium Kyoto, has collaborated with Yoshimoto Gion Hanazuki to hold the event “Kyoto Student Public Relations Department presents Gion Hanazuki University ~ OB / OG is back!? Homecoming Day 2024~” will be held on Sunday, February 4th.

The Kyoto Student Public Relations Department is a student organization that aims to disseminate the charm of “Kyoto University City and Student City Kyoto” from the perspective of university students studying in Kyoto to junior high and high school students nationwide who will become university students in the future through articles and SNS.

This event was planned by members of the Kyoto Student Public Relations Department and realized with the cooperation of Yoshimoto Gion Kazuki.

With the aim of letting people know the charms of Kyoto’s universities and student life while enjoying comedy in Kyoto, there are Mr./Ms. contents such as a presentation of stories by comedians Mr./Ms.Mr./Ms., consultations on university students’ worries answered by comedians, and introductions to unique circles and student groups in Kyoto.

Invite your friends and family to visit the theater!

Date & Time

Sunday, February 4, 2024 18:45 Open 19:15 Start (20:30 End) [Finished]


Yoshimoto Gion Hanazuki (323 Gion Kaikan, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto)


Long Coat Daddy, Gion, Navy Afro, Genius Pianist, Nightingale Dance, Minami Reiwa Kita Ryosuke Kono (MC), Kyoto Student Public Relations Club Member, Kyoto Circle / Student Organization


〇 Presentation by Mr./Ms.

〇 University students’ frank worries consultation meeting

〇 Introduction of unique circles and student groups, etc.


Yoshimoto Gion Hanazuki http://www.yoshimoto.co.jp/gion/

〇 Student fee 1,000 yen (student ID required)

〇 General admission 2,000 yen


In addition, the following Kyoto Student Public Relations Department website and SNS also post event information and event announcement videos of Mr./Ms. performing comedians.

Please take a look.

Kyoto Student Public Relations Department website “Kotokare”

“Gion Kazuki University” Official X (formerly Twitter)

◎Kyoto Student Public Relations Department Instagram