Messages from 2023 program graduates have been uploaded!

Out of the approximately 160 students who participated in the 2023 program, graduates of each course sent messages to Mr./Ms..
“How did you decide to participate?” and “How did you actually feel when you participated?” For Mr./Ms. who are considering participating in the program, we have posted content that will give you a boost.
Please take a look at the experiences of our seniors!

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From FY2024, the name will be changed from the previous “Internship Program” to the “Industry-Academia Collaborative Education Program,” and the results of the educational program (work experience program) that we have cultivated so far will be carried out. The industry-academia collaborative education program started on March 1, 2024 with the opening of the “Internship Destination Search Site”.
In addition to the schedule of program briefings and online applications, we will post information on how to participate in the program on the portal site one after another, so please look forward to it.
Why don’t you imagine yourself as a “member of society” from the time you are a student by experiencing “working”?
We look forward to seeing you in Mr./Ms.!

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