【11/11 (Sat)】Long-term Project Course_Project Presentation (Presentation of Results)

Project presentations of the internship program “Long-term Project Course” will be held at the following dates and times.
The Long-Term Project Course is a program in which students work as a team for about five months on a theme or issue presented by the host company. At the project presentation on the last day of the lecture, each project team will present the results of their activities so far.
On the day of the event, the event will be held at Campus Plaza Kyoto, and each presentation will be available at the venue or online.
If you are a university student who is thinking of participating in an internship next year, or if you are a company or organization that is interested in accepting internship students, please enjoy the culmination of the activities of each project team.

Reference: Click here for the 2022 project presentation → 2022 Achievement Presentation

Date & Time Saturday, November 11, 2023
Application If you would like to see it, please apply using this application form .
Application deadline: Tuesday, November 7


*Schedule times may vary. Thank you for your understanding.

Time Overview
13:00~13:10 Opening Remarks
13:10~13:55 Project Presentation Part I. (3 projects)
13:55~14:05 break
14:05~14:50 Project Presentation Part II (3 projects)
14:50~15:20 break
15:20~15:40 Reflection on each project

From project students, the person in charge of the host company, and the coordinator in charge
Presentation of impressions after the review for each project

17:10~17:50 Messages from each coordinator, closing remarks, and photo taking


Project Introduction


Recipient Project Summary
Specified Non-Profit Organization
Kiko Network
[Survey and information dissemination toward the realization of a decarbonized society and 100% renewable energy]
In order to realize a decarbonized society, we will collect and disseminate information on “100% renewable energy” and “decarbonized regional development”, conduct surveys and research, hold events, and publicize it. Gain new skills and have experiences that will improve your imagination, creativity, and planning skills!
Insight House
【Today’s Yamashina Mr./Ms. Project】
Walking around Yamashina, he listens to and collects the thoughts and stories of various people, from children to adults and the elderly, and gives them the form of interview articles and disseminates them to local people through websites, Facebook, free papers, circulation boards, picture books, etc. First of all, you will be active with the motto of “enjoy yourself”.
Otsuki Seal Printing
[Rediscovery Label: Creation of interesting stickers and stickers]
Our company is “Mr./Ms. of the town seal shop”. Stickers are familiar, but their uses are still unexplored. We will understand the actual practice of sticker printing, plan and develop products with a new sense, complete products, and think about and practice sales methods on the Internet. I look forward to the sensitivity of the students’ Mr./Ms.!
General Incorporated Association
Impact Hub Kyoto
[~Hanashi Field Lab Project~]
Hanashi is a gathering place for the Gion Festival, which has a history of more than 1,000 years, and is called the “source of the capital” due to its historical background. Why don’t you take on the challenge of creating a community that develops while maintaining the environment together with people from various different fields while learning about life and way of life in this field?
Union A
[Let’s send out the free employment information magazine “Grandpa and Auntie” for young people to students who are worried!] 】
We plan and publish a job hunting magazine for young people in their 16 to 30s. I want to reach students and young people who are worried about their career path before they start job hunting or are in the middle of job hunting. Let’s think together from the beginning. In addition to the media, I would like to use this as an opportunity for Mr./Ms.everyone to think carefully about “work” for themselves.
Social Welfare Corporation
Adachi Welfare Association
[Kyoto Children’s Home Food Project ~Thinking about the problem of child poverty~]
The goal of Kyoto Children’s Home Food is to create “connections” by regularly “delivering” food to families with difficult lives, and to “connect” to appropriate support as needed for problems while watching over each family. Let’s work together from a new perspective to spread this activity and form a new community.


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