【Industry-Academia Collaborative Education Program (formerly Internship Program)】Practical training examples have been updated.

The page of practical examples has been updated.
We have received introductions and comments on the training schedule from the host companies that conducted the training in 2023.

We have also received a message for companies and organizations that are considering accepting, so please take a look.

☆ Example introduction page ☆

【Additional Recipients in FY2023】
< Business Class >
Ishida Co., Ltd.
Kyoto Seika University Kyoto International Manga Museum
Heartfriend Co., Ltd. (General Foods Super Fresco)
・ Tax accountant corporation Kyoto Bizicon

< public class>
・Kyoto City (Children and Youth Development Promotion Division, Children and Youth Future Department, Children and Youth Development Promotion Bureau)
・ Kyoto Prefecture Northern Regional Cooperation Metropolitan Area Promotion Company Ine Regional Headquarters (Ine Town Tourism Association)

【Comment content】
– What you expected when deciding to accept students and what you
emphasized when planning your practical training・ What you think “
went well” or “did not go well” in the practical training
・ About the merits (good effects)
of accepting students ・ Message to companies and organizations that are considering accepting students