AY2023 Internship Program Long-Term Project Course “Project Report” has been released.


Long-term Project Course “Project Report” has been released.
* Long-term project course: A course in which projects presented by companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations are implemented from June to November. Through the project, we aim to look at the real world from various angles, acquire the ability to grasp the current situation, discover issues, and solve those problems.

2023 Internship Program Long-Term Project Course
List of Trainees and Projects

Name of Laboratory Project Name
Kiko Network, a non-profit organization Surveys and information dissemination toward the realization of a decarbonized society and 100% renewable energy
Insight House Inc. Today’s Yamashina Mr./Ms. Project
Otsuki Seal Printing Co., Ltd. Rediscovery Label Interesting New Product Sticker Development
Impact Hub Kyoto ~Hanashi Field Lab Project~
Union A Inc. Let’s send out the free employment information magazine “Grandpa and Auntie” for young people to students who are worried!
Social Welfare Corporation Adachi Welfare Association Kyoto Children’s Home Food Project ~Thinking about the Problem of Child Poverty~



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