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We introduce the experiences of students who completed the University Consortium Kyoto Internship Program.

University Consortium Kyoto Internship Program Alumni Testimonials



Doshisha University Faculty of Law 3rd year Akihide Umegaki
Internship: Doshisha University

Q. What made you want to take an internship at the University Consortium Kyoto?

A. I admired university staff, and when I was researching, I found that this internship program had a university as a training site. I took the course because I thought I would be able to gain a variety of experiences over a long period of 10 days.

Q. What kind of training was it?

A. It was practical training that I could not experience without participating in the internship, such as preparing for an open campus at the admissions center, student support department, and career center, and planning presentations with PowerPoint.

Q. Where do you think you have grown through the internship?

A. I had a vague concept of work, but by actually experiencing the work of a university employee, I felt that I was always thinking about what I could do for the students. I realized the importance of thinking from the standpoint of

Q. What is useful in job hunting?

A. During the pre-learning etiquette course, you will wear a suit just like you would when you are actually looking for a job. That’s it. In addition, I was able to speak with confidence at the interview, such as summarizing what I learned in the industry research and practical training in the seminar class in a report.

Q. Message to those who are thinking about internship

A. Through the internship program, I was taught manners as a member of society from the beginning, and I was able to learn about various occupations through post-learning. The coordinators and staff will treat you kindly and politely, and you will learn what you need to know to start job hunting, so please join us.


Kyoto Tachibana University Faculty of Contemporary Business 3rd year Maika Murashika
Internship: Sagano Scenic Railway Co., Ltd.

Q. What made you want to take an internship at the University Consortium Kyoto?

A. If I don’t participate in the internship as a third year student, I’ll start looking for a job before I know it. I felt that the internship at the University Consortium Kyoto would allow me to interact with people from other universities and broaden my horizons.

Q. What kind of training was it?

A. Making a dashboard for PR of Sagano Scenic Railway , strengthening SNS , making advertisements and billboards for PR of adjacent facilitiesThere are many people who used to work at JR , so we had the opportunity to hear their stories.

Q. What is the atmosphere like in the workplace?

A.It was a workplace with a really warm atmosphere. This time, four people participated in the internship, but they respected our ideas and proposals and actually adopted the deliverables. In addition, in order to make our proposal even better, all of our employees cooperated with the translation.

Q. What was good about the pre-learning, and what was useful?

A. In the seminar class for pre-learning, the atmosphere was quiet and tense at first, but gradually we became open. Even in group work, everyone spoke out, many opinions came out, and the atmosphere of the seminar as a whole improved. In addition, even after the program ends, we make plans and gather together to share information about job hunting. This seminar was a very important experience for my job hunting.
In the etiquette course, I learned that common sense seems to be acquired unexpectedly, but in fact, there are times when I remember it incorrectly. Not only did I learn proper manners by actually taking the course, but I also feel that I was able to tighten myself up before going to practical training.


Doshisha University Faculty of Letters 2nd year Ichiyo Taniguchi
Internship at The Westin Miyako Kyoto

Q. What made you want to take an internship at the University Consortium Kyoto?

A. I was a sophomore at the time, and I was introduced by a friend when I was thinking that I wanted to be a little different from the people around me who didn’t pay much attention to job hunting, and that I wanted to have some valuable experience during the long summer vacation.In addition, I was attracted to the fact that the pre- and post-learning is solid, and that I can have contact with students from other schools.

Q. What was the point in deciding where to practice?

A. I chose it based on my interests at the time. At that time, I wanted to work in the hospitality industry and use the English I had been studying.

Q. What kind of training was it?

A. I had an internshipat The Westin Miyako Kyoto for 10 days. On the first day, I learned the necessary knowledge and services, and after the second day, I was accompanied by an employee and actually served customers. I did all the things related to the lobby, such as providing room information and deliveries. I often used English when I was traveling with customers and when attending to them, and there were times when I couldn’t speak right away.

Q. Message to those who are thinking about internship

A.I participated as a second year student to try to act faster than others, so I was able to spend more time thinking about my future job hunting and areas of interest than the people around me, and my horizons were much broader than before I went .rice field. Also, even if my future becomes clear after experiencing an industry that I am interested in through an internship, even if I think that this industry is not for me, I believe that the fact that I decided to participate in the internship itself is meaningful. rice field. Since you are going all the way, I want you to get what you get and enjoy it!


Kazuya Maeda, Ryukoku University Faculty of Law 3rd
year Internship: Uji City Hall

Q. What made you want to take an internship at the University Consortium Kyoto?

A.I decided to take the course because I thought it would be a good opportunity to experience the work of a city hall, which is something I don’t usually get to know, because there are a lot of training places at public institutions such as the city hall.
I wanted to contribute to the local government, so I chose a department at Uji City Hall where I could be involved in peace enlightenment, which is of particular interest. 

Q. What is the atmosphere like in the workplace?

A.I had an image that the work at the city hall was closed and centered on desk work, but I realized that the city hall employees are involved with citizens in various ways and work actively.
The general affairs section, where I was particularly indebted, had a friendly and relaxed atmosphere regardless of their position.

Q. What was good about the pre-learning, and what was useful?

A.In the industry-specific seminar class, we set the purpose and goals of the internship. By participating in the practical training based on these, I was able to confirm whether I was able to achieve my goals.

Q. What do you do in the post-learning (training experience exchange meeting)?

A. In my class, there were many trainees from public institutions, but at the practical training experience exchange meeting, the classes that experienced training in various industries, such as private companies, jointly reported their results. It was meaningful because I was able to learn about the results of other classes, such as the differences between private companies and public institutions.

Q. Where do you think you have grown through the internship?

A. I think I have acquired the ability to look around. Employees often work as part of a team. I feel that the experience of finding my role in a group and working with others to produce results has led to my personal growth.

Q. Message to those who are thinking about internship

A. As a former student, I think this internship program is a great chance to have a good experience, even if you don’t care about it. The manners and experience cultivated through pre-learning and training will be useful not only for job hunting, but also after becoming a member of society. Please challenge yourself.


Voices of seniors (excerpts from the 2019 questionnaire)

Satisfaction with the internship program as a whole

I’m glad I participated in the internship program!

・I was able to learn more important things such as not only manners as a member of society, but also how to cooperate with others.
・I participated in this internship because I was worried about whether my job hunting would go well. I’m really glad I participated because I felt a little less anxious.
・Although it was not my first choice, it was a very fulfilling experience thanks to the members and employees.
・I thought 10 days was a long time, but it was actually a precious 10 days. There was a learning for 10 days.
・I was able to learn as an adult working rather than as a company employee. I am glad that I was able to participate in this program.

About pre-learning and post-learning

・Because there was pre- and post-learning, there was little anxiety and I was able to practice with peace of mind.
・I think it’s good that the internship is not just for practical training, but also provides a place for learning and making presentations to help students grow through pre- and post-internship learning.
・I was able to learn the basics for becoming a member of society, such as business manners, in the lecture.
・In the seminar class, the cheerful and leader-like people made the class lively, and overall it was fun.
・Sometimes I felt that the pre-learning was troublesome, but after finishing it, I thought it was a good experience.

Meeting people with different values

・I was worried at first, but I exchanged opinions with people from other universities, and I was able to actually experience work, which led to my confidence.
・It was a good opportunity to interact with students from other universities. In post-learning, it was good to be able to share the training contents that other students had done.
・I was able to hear the opinions of various students, and I was able to realize things that I hadn’t noticed before.
・It was a good experience to meet other students who have the same goals as me.
・Because we all have different values, things we want to learn, and different interests, I think I was able to recognize many values ​​in the seminar.

grown! I changed my mind!

・I was able to clarify my issues through this internship.
・It was a good opportunity to deepen my understanding of industry companies and improve my own skills.
・There is a gap between what I think and what I actually do.
・There were many opportunities to present my own opinions, and I feel that I was able to overcome my fear of speaking in front of others.
・I was able to improve my communication and presentation skills.
・By being able to experience working as a member of society in my second year, my motivation for school life in the future has increased.


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