*Application has been closed [For students] 2024 Presentation of Kyoto in English Outline of the event

★ Since the capacity has been greatly exceeded, recruitment will ★ be suspended

“What is the charm of Kyoto?” and “What kind of country is Japan?” Why don’t you actually experience the traditional culture of Japan and learn the know-how of English presentations so that you can introduce it in English when asked by people from overseas?
Mr./Ms. students who are planning to study abroad, who are interested in studying abroad in the future, or who want to explain Kyoto and Japan to people overseas in Japan, or who are not good at English presentations! Why don’t you learn English while having fun with like-minded friends beyond the boundaries of universities? 
🌸🌸 Outline of 🌸🌸 “Presentation of Kyoto in English”

Through a tour of a temple in Kyoto and an experience of Japan’s traditional culture, we will conduct a total of six half-day training sessions to acquire the ability to give presentations in English.

Training days and scheduled contents (6 sessions in total):
1. Saturday, May 25, 2024 :(1) Ice Break, Introduction to Japan and Kyoto ~Learn about Japan and Kyoto in English~
(2) Learn expressions related to Japan’s traditional culture in English
2. Saturday, June 1, 2024: Visit to the temple (Shogoin Gate Ruins) and walk around the city of Kyoto
3. Saturday, June 8, 2024: Traditional Culture Experience I. (1) Tea Ceremony Experience (2) Expression of Tea Ceremony Culture in English
4. Saturday, June 15, 2024: Traditional Culture Experience II. (1) Flower Arrangement Experience (2) Let’s talk in English about Kyoto’s famous places, events, food, clothing, housing, and education in Japan and Kyoto
5. Saturday, June 22, 2024: (1) International Student Session (2) Group Activities
6. Saturday, July 6, 2024: Personal Presentation

Time: 13:30~17:00 (with break)

◎ Location: Campus Plaza Kyoto, etc. (depending on the content of the training, there is a transfer within Kyoto city)

◎ Eligibility: All of the following conditions must be met.
1. Be a Japan student at a member university or junior college of the University Consortium Kyoto [Undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral course is not required]
2. Ability to participate in all training sessions
3. Your English score must be one of the following:
IELTS 5.0 / TOEFL iBT 50 / TOEIC 600 / Eiken Level 2 or
higher4. Interested in international exchange and cross-cultural understanding

◎ Capacity: 15 people
◎ Course fee: 5,000 yen (total amount for all 6 sessions, including reference materials and actual training expenses)
* Please pay in cash (with as little change as possible) on Saturday, May 25 for the first time.
* Please bear the transportation expenses related to transportation during the course.
◎ Application period: April 2, 2024 (Tuesday) noon application start ~ May 10 (Friday) noon deadline  
★ We will ★
stop accepting applications because the capacity has been greatly exceeded Applicants will be sent an email with details after May 11.   

◎ Application guidelines: Please apply from this application form .

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