【University Teachers/English Training】9/9 (Sat) “Teaching Methods for Subjects Using English that Can Be Utilized for Remote Classes” Recruitment of Participants

Purpose of the event

As the globalization of higher education accelerates, such as the enhancement of support for international students and the promotion of collaborative projects with overseas universities, the English proficiency of university faculty and staff has become indispensable as a basic ability.
In addition, international students from many countries and regions have their own cultural backgrounds, and in order to communicate smoothly, it is essential to understand customs, social norms, religions, etc. beyond language.
For this reason, the University Consortium Kyoto conducts training to improve English proficiency by conducting case studies in various situations, as well as “skill improvement training for university faculty and staff” to learn about cultures other than English-speaking countries.

As part of the 2023 “Skill Improvement Training for University Faculty and Staff,” we will hold an online English course for faculty members who are or may be in charge of English classes at universities as follows. We look forward to your participation.


Course Outline

“Active Learning Exercises: Teaching Methods for Subjects Using English for Remote Learning”

This is an English course for university faculty members who are teaching specialized subjects mainly in English and who are planning to teach them in the future.
Students will learn how to facilitate and give instructions in English classes through role-playing. It will be a participant-led “exercise-type” course that will be utilized for interactive classes and flipped classrooms using ICT.
*The language used in the course is English.

Date and time Saturday, September 9, 2023, 9:30-16:30
Format Held online using Zoom
(Please prepare an accessible Internet environment and a computer with camera and microphone functions, and participate from a convenient location.)
Lecturer Nagasaki University Associate Professor Mikako Nishikawa
Scope of the course University faculty members who fall under either of the following are eligible.
(1) Those who have an intermediate or higher level of English
(2) Those who are in charge of English classes at the university or who may be in charge in the future
Participation Capacity 18 people *Pre-registration required
Participation Fee Faculty and staff of Kyoto member universities of the University Consortium 2,500 yen / 1 course
Faculty and staff from non-member schools: 6,000 yen / 1 course
* Payment will be made in the form of a bank transfer to the designated account of the Foundation by the specified date.
Details will be provided in the course invitation email sent after the deadline.
How to apply Please apply from the “Apply” button below.
Application Deadline August 1, 2023 at noon


◎ About English level ◎
Please refer to the following levels. (*TOEIC score is a guide)
Beginner: Able to say simple greetings and introduce yourself. You can do it if you give a short and simple answer. (Up to about TOEIC550)
Intermediate: If the topic is familiar, you can explain it. You can continue the conversation, such as asking questions to the other person.
Advanced: Able to express one’s opinions clearly. Students can exchange opinions and discuss a wide range of topics.
(TOEIC800 or older)



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