2024 International Student Internship Recruitment Recruitment Information (Organizer: International Student Study Kyoto Network)

2024 Internship Acceptance Opportunities for International Students

International Student Study Kyoto Network (Secretariat: International Affairs Department, University Consortium Kyoto)

Since 2016, the International Student Study Kyoto Network (Secretariat: Kyoto International Business Department, University Consortium) has been conducting an internship program for international students living in the Kyoto area. In this internship program, we are looking for companies and organizations that can accept international students. *For more information on the International Student Study Kyoto Network, please refer to https://www.studykyoto.jp/ja/aboutus/ here.
* Flyer for accepting companies and organizations

Purpose and Features

International Student StudyThis program aims to help international students from Kyoto Network member schools find employment at companies and organizations in the Kyoto area (especially mid-tier enterprises and SMEs/organizations) through work experience. For host companies and organizations, there are various benefits such as revitalizing the company by accepting international students, accumulating experience in accepting foreign employees, and PR to international students. *2023 International Student Internship Results (You can check the attributes of international students who participated in the last year.) )

Eligible companies

Approximately 40 companies and organizations with headquarters, branch offices, offices, etc. in Kyoto Prefecture that can accept international students in Kyoto Prefecture

*Please consider accepting 1~2 international students per company or organization.

How to apply

Please fill out the application form (click here ←).

* Companies and organizations that have applied will be contacted by the management contractor (temporary staffing company) after confirming the contents.

Eligible International Students

International Students must be enrolled in a member school of the Kyoto Network (equivalent to a third-year undergraduate student or higher).
(Including those enrolled in vocational schools and those enrolled in Japanese schools who have graduated or completed a higher education institution in their home country, etc.) )






* Selection and matching will be conducted by interview. For participating international students, we will check their Japanese language proficiency and motivation to work in Japan, and provide pre-training on business etiquette and compliance before dispatching.

* OB / OG interview ~ I faced job hunting with all my might ~

~Paid Internship Program Experience! ~

Period of employment

Tuesday, August 13, 2024 ~ Friday, September 27, 2024 (tentative)

* For details such as the actual employment period of international students, such as activities outside the status of residence, please consult with the person in charge of the project.

Acceptance Criteria

(1) Paid internship

At a minimum, we ask that you provide at least 5 days (or 40 hours) of work opportunities.

* International students are allowed to work within the range of “permission to engage in activities outside the status of residence (28 hours per week)” during the class period, but 40 hours per week during the summer vacation. You will be able to work until your hours. Please note that the summer vacation period varies depending on the school to which the international student belongs, so please contact us as appropriateCompanies and organizations are responsible for: Dispatch fee (¥1,260 per hour), student transportation fee (actual cost up to ¥1,000 per day) * Once the dispatched international student is confirmed, a worker dispatch contract will be concluded with the management contractor (dispatch company) of this program. As a result, various procedures such as social insurance are not required by the host company or organization, and the procedure is extremely simple compared to direct employment by the host company or organization.

(2) Unpaid internship

During the implementation period, in principle, please set up a work experience of 5 days (or 40 hours). This is a project implemented as an agreement-type internship in which an agreement regarding the acceptance of internships is concluded between the host company or organization and the International Student Study Kyoto Network Secretariat.

Flow after application by the host company / organization

After applying for participation in this program, the temporary staffing agency will proceed with specific administrative procedures.

(1) Registration for companies and organizations (deadline: Friday, May 31)

*Click here to apply.

(2) Exchange meeting between host companies and organizations and international students [Date] Saturday, June 15, 2024

You will be asked to answer questions from international students about your business and the work you are in charge of.

(3) Selection and matching through individual interviews with international students by the secretariat (late June ~ early July)

(4) Notification of matching results between international students and companies and organizations (mid-July)

(5) Face-to-face visits to companies and organizations (late July ~ early August)

(6) Confirmation of host students, various procedures (paid: dispatch contract, unpaid: conclusion of agreements, etc.) (late July ~ as needed)

(7) Preparatory training for international students (Thursday, August 8)

(8) Employment at the host company or organization (August 13 (Tue) ~ September 27 (Fri))


Inquiries about this project in general

International Student Study Kyoto Network Secretariat

University Consortium Kyoto International Business Department (Murata, Sawada)

TEL: 075-353-9164 FAX: 075-353-9101 *Reception hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00 ~ 17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

Email:kyoto-nw◆consortium.or.jp *Please replace ◆ with @.