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Examples of Activities (Special Feature)

For examples of activities since AY2018, please see the university-community collaboration portal site

・Dissemination of attractiveness through discovery and reevaluation of local resources
・Fact-finding surveys
aimed at solving regional issues ・Initiatives
aimed at revitalizing shopping districts ・Community development through the practice of art
・Community development
through the promotion of local culture and traditions ・Creating regional bases and places
to belong ・Support for the elderly and children
・Environmental conservation activities
・Dissemination of local information using the media
for agricultural promotion ・Others

Disseminating attractiveness through the discovery and reevaluation of local resources

Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Otani University /
Otani University Junior College
Nakagawa School District Life Rediscovery Project In the Nakagawa School District, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, which is famous as the production area of the precious tree "Kitayama cedar", we are conducting interviews about the history, culture, and lifestyles that have been passed down to the community with the cooperation of the Nakagawa School District Social Welfare Council, as well as the thoughts and regional issues of the people living there. Furthermore, based on the survey results, we are participating in community welfare activities and planning and implementing salons for the elderly. Pdf 

Urban development through the practice of art

Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Saga Art University /
Saga Art Junior College
Atago Kodo Kaido Lantern As an event jointly planned by the Sagano Hoshokai and Sakaan since Heisei 8, a group of graduates and students of TUFS will create a large lantern and display it on the old Atago Kaido from the Ichinotorii gate of Atago Shrine to Saga Shakado along with the lanterns produced in cooperation with elementary and junior high schools in the Saga Arashiyama area as a joint event between Sagano Hoshokai and Sagan. Pdf 

Support for the elderly and children

Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Kyoto Tachibana University Faculty of Nursing "Rescue Team" Students from the Faculty of Nursing of TUFS visit the homes of the elderly in the Daigo Nakayama housing complex, and support and solve problems in life that they have heard from each house in advance, such as cleaning high places and baths, replacing screen doors, moving furniture, and carrying out large garbage, which are usually difficult to do. It is held twice a year, in the first semester and the second semester. Pdf 

Dissemination of local information using the media

Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Kyoto Prefectural University "KPUKPU Radio (commonly known as Kapuraji)"
where students disseminate local information through community radio →Click here for details)
In addition to the university's community contribution activities, information on events in the Kitayama area and university information for prospective students are disseminated through their own plans and announcements. Broadcast once a month (15 minutes) at Kyoto Sanjo Radio Cafe. The program will be distributed via the university's website, YouTube and the Internet. Pdf 


Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Fukuchiyama Public University North Regional Cooperation Conference
→Click here for details
A think tank of about 50 private organizations has been established to conduct research and make recommendations on issues in the northern region. Pdf 
Kyoto Women's University Gion Shimbashi Landscape Conservation Activities
→Click here for details
Taking the opportunity of concluding a comprehensive partnership agreement with the NPO Kyoto Landscape Forum, we have been cooperating with the activities of the Gion Shimbashi Town Development Department since FY28. With the aim of preserving and sharing the atmosphere and culture of the scenery of Gion-Shimbashi, they cooperate with local events and participate in regular meetings. Pdf 
Doshisha Women's University Activities of the Doshisha Women's University Community Development Committee by students With the keyword "community development" as a concept for students, we established a committee in July and hold weekly student-led meetings. We are engaged in PR activities for Kyotanabe Gyokuro for university students, English education for local elementary school students through the after-school children's plan, community health promotion, and activities for participation in the National University Town Development Policy Forum in Kyotanabe. Pdf 
Hanazono University "Connecting People: Expanding the Future" "Student Group Call"
to create connections between people →Click here for details
Revitalize the region by creating connections between people.
We are currently working on the university student child-rearing support project "Call Atto Ukyo" (university students connect parents with parents, children and children, parents and children). A university student produces child-rearing in a workshop. We are also working to get people interested in the region through sweets produced in Ukyo Ward.
Ryukoku University /
Ryukoku University Junior College
Keihan Line (Shichijo~Tofukuji) Revitalization Project
→Click here for details
This project is an industry-academia collaborative education project in collaboration with Keihan Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Keihan HD"). This is an extracurricular project by volunteers across faculties and grades who think mainly about regional revitalization measures in the Shichijo~Tofukuji area along the Keihan Line, which Keihan HD is facing as an issue, mainly by Japan students of our university and international students. Pdf 

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