Overview of the event

1. Outline of the event
Date and time:
Tuesday, September 20, 2022 14:00-16:30
Delivery type course by Zoom
Disabled students receiving information security, students and faculty members interested in support
60 students, faculty and staff
Tuition fee:
(Public interest incorporated foundation) University Consortium Kyoto
Doshisha University Student Support Center Student Diversity and Accessibility Support Office
2. Content

(1) Topic presentation “Information Guarantee for Hearing-Impaired Students – A Case Study of Doshisha University -“


Mr. Ryuusei Ota (Doshisha University, Faculty of Policy Studies, 3rd year student [hearing-impaired student])

Mr. Ryohei Shintani (Doshisha University, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Master’s Program [support staff])

Mr. So Owada (Doshisha University, Graduate School of Law, Doctor of Law) Master’s Program [Support Staff])

Ms. Emiko Dobashi (Chief Coordinator, Student Diversity and Accessibility Support Office, Student Support Center, Doshisha University)

(2) Lecture “Support according to the method and purpose of information security -Let’s connect and create a circle of support-“

Same as topic provider / commentator

Event report

 With the cooperation of Doshisha University, we held an online lecture using Zoom.

 In this lecture, students who actually receive information assurance and students who provide information assurance took the stage, and Mr. Dobashi acted as a commentator.
In terms of topics, he talked about the support system at Doshisha University, the situation and experiences of students, support for classes, seminars, and exams, and the difference between handwritten support and support using equipment. In the lecture, we talked about each thought and way of thinking depending on the situation about notebook take and computer take. Also, I was able to see how the PC take was done.

 Apart from the practical lectures up to last year, I believe that it has become a material for examining the way of thinking about the opening of training courses at each school.

 Also, from the responses to the questionnaire, we heard that being able to hear the students’ real opinions gave them an opportunity to think again, and it seemed that they were able to use it as a reference.

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▲ Lecture
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