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The Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival is the largest international student film festival in Japan. It is entirely organized and run by university students in Kyoto. We receive student’s works from all over the world, and provide an opportunity to screen, and discover new talent.
Kyoto is the birthplace of Japanese movies and is also known as students’city. The festival strings these two characteristics together, and also offers forum for cultural and international exchange and ultimately vitalizes Kyoto.

Event outline

From 3rd February through 5th February,2023

The Museum of Kyoto (Sanjo-Takakura ,Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8183)

From 10th February through 19th February,2023


1DAY Ticket ALL DAY Ticket
General 1,500 JPY 3,000 JPY
University students 1,000 JPY 2,000JPY
High school students 500 JPY 1,000JPY
Less than
junior high student
Free Free



Online Programs

Nominated Films Package2
Nominated Films Nominated Films
Special Program


3 Intestine Road, Fish Island Other Half
Restless Is the Night Where No One Lives
The things we hoped last summer Fatjona
Lunchbox Jitterbug
The Falling Angels SHELTER
THE OPPONENT Hometown Lullaby
The Woman with the Dog The Seine’s Tears
Regress Identibye
Special program Special program
Yellow Kid Short and Happy Life of a Goldfish
Under the Sun EDMOND
Episodic memory Weight of the Les Paul

Introduction of the program

Competition Winners (16 works)

Program A

“The Falling Angels”
National Taiwan University of Arts
“Other Half”
Lina Kalcheva
United Kingdom/2021/14min
National Film and Television School (UK)
“The Seine’s Tears”
Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur,
Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente,
Philippine Singer , Alice Letailleur
Pôle 3D
Steve Bache
Filmakademie Baden-Wüerttemberg,Germany

Program B

“Sakana Island Stomach Three-intestine Eyes”
Moe Wakabayashi
Tokyo University of the Arts
“The things we hoped last summer”
Park Jongwoo
South Korea/2022/35min
Korea National University of Arts
Kim Eunkyung
South Korea/2022/25min
Korea National University of Arts
Su Sion
South Korea/2022/24min
Korea National University of Arts

Program C

Sajjad ShahHatami
Azad university
Ivan Jo
Kyoto City University of Arts
“The Woman with the Dog”
Jo Yukyeong
South Korea/2021/ 29min
Chung-ang University

Program D

“Hometown Lullaby”
Musashino Art University
“Where No One Lives”
Li Anne Liew
United States/2022/19min
Chapman University
“Restless Is the Night”
Xiaoxue Meng, Yuehan Tan
China ・United States/2022/4min
University of Southern California
OH Han-wool
South Korea/2021/ 19min
Sungkyunkwan University

Special program

1. Behind the scenes of movies learned from Kenzo Horikoshi (Date 2/3 Fri.)

“Yellow Kid” (Tetsuya Mariko(Director and Screen play) 2009/Japan/111min)
guest:Kenzo Horikoshi

TAMURA lives alone with his grandmother. Having been fired from work, he just hangs
around with his friend from the boxing gym, causing mischief and getting into trouble.
Comic artist HATTORI visits the gym looking for information on former World Champion
MIKUNI, who was his high school mate. He draws the interest of TAMURA who has always
been a big fan of his comics. HATTORI decides to create a hero in his new comics based on
TAMURA and that stimulates TAMURA into trying to change his ways…

2. 3 Student Film Festivals(Date 2/3 Fri.)

“Episodic memory” (Tokyo Student Film Festival Live action short film category Grand Prix)
Ririko Suzuki(Director) 2022 / Japan / 22min41Sec

She knew faster than anyone else about her senses gradually fading away. Maybe, she has been talking just too much these days. She loves both being by herself and spending time with others. However, she finds herself willing to be alone in the end. Does this mean I love solitude? She feels a certain sense of danger..
She is honest with herself because she is captured in herself, obsessed with herself, anxious about herself, and
it is her destiny.

“Weight of the Les Paul” (Kansai Student Film Festival Grand Prix)
Shingen Kaneko(Director) 2022 / Japan / 15min

Kimio Yoneshima wanted to become a guitarist someday. However, he was close to giving up on the dream as he got kicked out of the band. One day, he meets the owner of a bar, Kasamatsu, and ever since, Kimio moves forward to make his dream come true. But the harsh reality drives him into a corner.

3.  The Films screened of the final judges (Date 2/4 Sat)

guest:Chie Hayakawa (Director)
2014 / Japan / 27min

Yamame, who lost her parents when she was a child and grew up in a nursing home, first came to know her grandfather on death row at the age of 18. After leaving the facility, Yamame visits her grandmother, who has dementia, and meets Tanishi, a strange caregiver. They start sending the sound of the city to their grandfather in the wall.

“Short and Happy Life of a Goldfish”
guest:Isshin Inudo (Director)
1997 / Japan / 18min

A goldfish was born in Tenchinuma well known for its goldfish. It gets scooped by Mitsui and his little sister at the goldfish scoop, then cherished by the siblings. However, the sibling’s interests turn to the green turtle that was gifted on Christmas. Soon the goldfish is given to the sister’s friend, who she names it Hiroshi and adore , but…

4. Screening of past nominated films from overseas (Date 2/5 Sun)

“EDMOND” (19th Kyoto International Student Film Festival Animation Division Grand Prix)
Nina Gantz (Director and Screen play) 2015 / UK / 9min

Edmond’s impulse to love and be close to others is strong … Mybe too strong. As he stands alone by a lake contemplating his options, he goes on ajourney backwards through his life, and revisits all his defining moments Sin search for the origin of his desires.

“Under the Sun” (Selected works for the 19th Kyoto International Student Film Festival)
QIU Yang (Director and Screen play) 2015 / Australia /19min

One incident occurs, two families tangle. There’s nothing new under the sun.

The Film screened of the final judges (Date 2/5 Sun)

“Backdrop del mio PaPà”
guest:Toshio Lee (Director)
2004 / Japan / 98min

Kazuo Shimoda, an elementary school student whose father is Ushinosuke Shimoda, a professional wrestler of “New World Pro Wrestling” , hates professional wrestling! He is ashamed of his father’ s occupation who turned into a villain, and he keeps it a secret even from his classmates. To gain his son’ s trust, Ushinosuke decides to fight an almost reckless battle.

Member of the Student Executive Committee of the 18th Conference

The Final judge

Isshin Inudo
(Film Director)
Chie Hayakawa
(Film Director)
Toshio Lee
(Film Director)

Results of Entries

Year Japan Overseas Total
2022 160 221 381
2021 172 143 315
2020 100 272 372
2019 101 176 277
2018 98 490 588
2017 129 356 485
2016 168 371 539
2015 123 94 217
2014 163 187 350



“Lunchbox” OH Han-wool
South Korea/2021/19min/Sungkyunkwan University

≪Synopsis≫An older sister receives a phone call from her little brother, saying he needs a packed lunch. She’s never cooked before since she is blind, but she challenges herself to make lunch for the first time for her brother.

Semi Grand-Prix

“The Seine’s Tears”
Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot,
Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer, Alice Letailleur
France/2021/9min/Pôle 3D

≪Synopsis≫17 October 1961, “Algerian workers” get down the streets to manifest against the mandatory curfew imposed by the Police prefecture.

Each Final Judge Award

The Final Judge, Isshin Inudo Award

“The things we hoped last summer” Park Jongwoo
South Korea/2022/35min/Korea National University of Arts

≪Synopsis≫The kids living in a village with incineration plant start collecting marbles coming from nowhere. They somehow find the fascinating marbles and think those misterious things would make their wishes come true. But the desires led them to unexpected consequences. Also,the parents of the kids are into the long dark night.

The Final Judge, Chie Hayakawa Award

“The Falling Angels” YU CHE WU
Taiwan/2021/44min/National Taiwan University of Arts

≪Synopsis≫On a tranquil summer’s day, in three different corners in the campus,there were teenagers with broken hearts. A distant thud resonated with the wounded; however, the fate of the oppressed could not be altered,even if they let out cries and screams.

The Final Judge, Toshio Lee Award


Aureliano and Simone seem to belong to different planets. They donʼt speak much, their common language is fencing. With each lunge they will test their talent and loyalty.

KISFVF executive committee Award

“Sakana Island Stomach Three Intestines” Moe Wakabayashi
Japan/2022/17min/Tokyo University of the Arts

≪Synopsis≫This is the story of a family of three: a pig, a fish, and a tadpole,who live deep in the belly of a fish. One day, their life changes drastically, starting with a fruit that washes ashore.

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