Outline of the event

The Policy Research Exchange Conference has been held since 2005 as a place for research and exchange among students and graduate students who identify problems and issues faced by cities and conduct research to solve them, and as a place to disseminate them to society. The purpose is not only to present the results of daily research, but also to deepen research by interacting with each other and disseminating them to society.

The 9th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto

Date and time
Sunday, December 1, 2013 10:00~18:00
Place of Event
Campus Plaza Kyoto
University Consortium Kyoto
Presentation Theme
"Urban policy" (cities here are not limited to cities)
(1) Oral presenters
will give research presentations in each subcommittee. Please join the breakout sessions that interest you and listen to the students' presentations.
(2) This
is a research presentation in which the panel presenter posts his or her research results on the panel.
(3) Student planning
Theme A city to create, a city to create
Contents In addition to thinking about the revitalization of local cities, we would like to make participation in the community familiar and an opportunity for participants to think about their own future plans anew.
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Implementation Report

The 9th Policy Research Exchange Conference Preparatory Exchange Meeting

Prior to the 9th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto (held on December 1), a pre-presenter exchange meeting was held.


This preparatory exchange meeting was started last year at the suggestion of the student executive committee members. By interacting with other presenters in advance, we aim to deepen exchanges beyond the boundaries of universities on the day of the conference, and to further deepen your research.

There were 64 participants (including 10 student executive committee members) in the pre-exchange meeting, and many students participated, and it was a great success.

The 9th Policy Research Exchange Conference


On the day of the event, a total of 71 groups (51 oral presentations, 11 panel presentations, and 9 administrative exhibition groups) gave presentations, and not only students, but also many participants, including faculty members, government officials, and citizens, listened intently to the research presentations in various fields related to urban policy by university and graduate students. In addition, excellent presentations were awarded the Research Encouragement Award at the award ceremony.

List of Recipients

Award Name Target Presentation Title My university Name of representative
Kyoto Prefectural Governor's Award Oral presentation Regional Revitalization from the Viewpoint of Forest Resource Use Kyoto Tachibana University Chiori Komatsu
Measures to promote community dwelling in regional cities: An example of Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture Kyoto University Graduate School Shusaku Matsukawa
Kyoto Mayor's Award Oral presentation Policy Issues for Promoting Fair Trade in Japan ~The Possibility of Consumer Education~ Kyoto Sangyo University Taisho Tamura
Regional branding of Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture ~Promotion of product development as a tourism policy~ Kyoto University Graduate School Shintaro Katayama
University Consortium Kyoto President's Award Panel Announcement Ryoanji Sando Shopping Street Project Ritsumeikan University Moeka Kawakami
Japan Public Policy Association Award Paper-oriented TMO Central City Revitalization Law ~Case Study of Iida City~ Ritsumeikan University Yukako Kume
A Study on Happiness and Influencing Factors in Developed and Emerging Countries: A Survey on the Living Perceptions of the People of Japan and China Ritsumeikan University Graduate School Xiangwei Lin
Excellence Award No question Press! The Darkness of Livelihood Security ~Safety Net Reform~ Ryukoku University Junpei Shirai
Challenges and Future Directions of Policy Initiatives in the Nursing Care Robot Industry: New Perspectives Obtained by Economic Analysis Ritsumeikan University Azusa Yasuda
Verification of the Challenges of Smarter Cities and Electricity System Reform: Construction and Commercialization of a Sustainable CEMS Ritsumeikan University Kaoru Matsumoto
Toward the Invitation of Kyoto MICE: A Case Study of Hong Kong Ritsumeikan University Akiri Takeichi
The Policy-Making Process Surrounding the 2010 Fishing Boat Collision Incident off the Senkaku Islands: The Shaken Democratic Party of Japan Administration and Diplomacy with China Ritsumeikan University Junichi Honda
Prospects for Commercial-Academia Collaboration Proposed from Students' Perspectives Ryukoku University Koki Nagasue
"The Entire Community Girl Corps ~Toward the Improvement of the Regional Power of Kyoto Tamba~" Kyoto Prefectural University Yu Mori
Following the 8th anniversary of Yamashina's lighting event "Ceramic Lantern" Kyoto Tachibana University Masayuki Ota
Thinking about NPO Support Policies ~From the Verification of "New Public Support Projects"~ Ryukoku University Koji Nakahara
Urban Development through Time Policy Considering Society and Individual Time: Reconstruction of Individual Time and Community in Future Japan Ritsumeikan University Kaede Tada

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