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Open Campus Information List


Participate in an open campus and get a feel for the atmosphere of a university campus!
There are plenty of events, such as mock classes and tours led by university students! Some events are open to first and second year students and their parents. Be sure to participate and learn more about the university of your dreams! Please come and visit!

*Information current as of the end of April 2024. Some events may require advance reservations, so please contact each university in advance.

Clicking on the university name will take you to each university’s open campus page.

Kyoto University Kyoto University of Education
Kyoto Institute of Technology Fukuchiyama Public University
Ikenobo Junior College Otani University
Kyoto Kacho University and
Junior College
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
Kyoto College of Foreign Studies
Kyoto University of Advanced Science Kyoto University of Nursing
Kyoto College of Economics Kyoto Koka Women’s University
Kyoto Koka Women’s Junior College
Saga University of Arts
Saga Junior College of Arts
Kyoto Sangyo University
Kyoto Women’s University Kyoto Seika University
Kyoto Seizan Junior College Kyoto University of Arts
Kyoto Tachibana University Kyoto Notre Dame University
Kyoto University of Art and Design Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
Shuchiin University Seian University of Art and Design
Doshisha University Hanazono University
Buddhist University Heian Jogakuin University
Heian Jogakuin Junior College
Meiji University of International Medicine Ritsumeikan University
Ryukoku University
Ryukoku University Junior College